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Shilat Car Rental Deals

No matter whether you are new to Israel or a local, car rental Shilat always come in handy and is a great resource if your job entails hopping from one place to another, especially if you do not own a car and the places are quite remote and not that well connected. And if traveling is on your agenda too, you can rent a car in Shilat and city- browsing becomes a lot easier and enjoyable. Honestly, nobody wants to know all the bus routes when on a tour and waiting for buses and trains only cuts down on precious time meant for visiting different places. Just sit back and let car rental Shilat do all the worrying. Rent a car in Shilat and you not only get the best deals and unlimited mileage but also the LDW coverage option, which takes carefree traveling to another level. If getting behind the wheels is what you like, Sixt car rental Shilat also offers fly and drive everywhere.


The unexplored Shilat

It is a very small agricultural settlement or moshav in Israel, with a little over 460 people as its total population. It has the Green Line to its east and the Modi'in or the no- man's land to its south. Modi'in is a close drive. The cities of Jerusalem and Hebron, replete with biblical references, in its proximity add to the hamlet's enigma. The Shilat Junction is the gateway to an industrial park with commercial parks and an industry. Shilat is an excellent choice for a starting point of your trip in and around the city. The Hasmonean village, a few hours' drive from Shilat showcases the true culture, civilization, and earlier way of life of the Israelites. Paintings and carvings on caves, wine presses and an abundance of medicinal plants give a tourist an ancient feel. There are some parks in the area like the Ayalon Park, the Canada Park, Britannia Park and the Utopia Park. If you so choose you could rent a car and explore the place on your own. If you are a beach person, the myriad beaches on the Mediterranean Coast are bound to make you happy. Lose yourself in the magic of Israel. All you need to do is, avail yourself of car rental services and set out on a road trip, stopping only at various museums and street shops that catch your fancy. Car rental from Sixt in Shilat is available all over the city and one has the luxury to choose from high end SUVs and convertibles to mid and low range vans.

car landscape road spring

Why rent with Sixt?

Why rent with Sixt?
  • New cars - on average 3 months old
  • Premium fleet of german cars
  • Car rental made quick and easy
  • Unlimited miles on standard vehicles
  • Free cancellation when you pay on arrival
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service

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