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Rennes Car Rental Deals

Explore the beauty of Rennes, Brittany by using Sixt's car rental services. The experienced staff of Sixt rent a car remain stationed at the local airport and train station to assist inbound tourists for their journey within the city and outside it. The company facilitates drops 24 hours a day to both these locations for travelers journeying from Rennes. Whether you wish to travel in a convertible like BMW Mini Cabriolet or think a station wagon like Opel Astra SW is better suited for you, all you need to do is express your requirement to the rent a car company. Sixt's user friendly website can also be searched to check different types of vehicles, per day charges etc in Rennes, France. You may prefer booking your car in advance to avoid the last minute rush and also enjoy attractive savings options. In either case you will find the quality of the car rental service is far outweighing its moderate prices. You may like installing optional GPS which would be of help to drive along the unacquainted roads of Rennes.


Sixt Car Rental in Rennes, France

Due to its scenic beauty, Brittany attracts tourists nearly throughout the year and being the capital of the region Rennes acts as a gateway to Brittany. Sixt has presence both in Rennes Airport at Avenue Joseph Le Brix and Rennes Train Station TGV at 11 Boulevard Solférino. Use the rent a car service to visit Chapel of Saint-Yves, rue Saint-Yves, Palais Saint-Georges, rue Gambetta and Museum palace, quai Emile Zola in the very heart of the city. Drive around to see the timbered structures of old buildings and if seeking a bit of break then visit the Thabor. Mont Saint-Michel is located in the northeastern part of Rennes and the abbey of Mt St Michel located there is one of the most frequented historical monuments of the region. Musée des Beaux Arts is a must visit location for all the art aficionados.

bmw x3 road autumn


  • Rated 4.1 out of 5 from 397 Ratings

Fede Fede c.

Good service and good car

Krystl T.

I am changing my original review, as our experience was quite good but in the end there was a billing discrepancy for which we were contacted and reimbursed. The car itself was great, the car seats for our children were perfect, and the price was reasonable. We also appreciate that Lauren called and rectified our issue within 24 hours. We would recommend renting from this location.

Cathy A.

Bon accueil, personnel sympathique

Arron T.

Dead easy to rent from Sixt here. Right in front of you as you leave the arrivals hall and the car park is a 30 second walk away across one road.

Gabriela W.

UPDATE: THANK YOU, SIXT. Thank you for responding to my email and helping me with my query. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. Thank you!

I’ve changed my rating from 1 star to 5 stars.


Be aware:

1) you’ll get asked several questions and the SIXT employee (whose English was broken at best) ticks some boxes on the computer - BUT YOU WILL NOT SEE WHAT THEY TICKED AND WHAT NOT _ INSTEAD you will be asked for your signature. DO NOT SIGN BEFORE YOU SEE THE DOCUMENT!

2) Make a photo of The Petrol Meter/ Fuel Indicator before you hand the car over. Since no one starts work before a noon on a Sunday, you’ll be asked to drop the key into a box at the SIXT counter. NOTA BENE: at checkin we specifically said that we will bring back the car fully fuelled (after we found out that it would cost us in excess of EUR 70+ if they did it instead of us). We even emailed the invoice from the petrol station - Still they charged us for Fuelling and Service Fuelling: EUR 57.13.

3) They like to add Costs that we had not and do not agree to: - EUR 54.33 Premium Location Fee.

4) They added another day EUR 25.10. Due to the fuel shortage many petrol stations were closed (but we still found one) - the 10 minutes that we were late in returning the key into the box, they chose to bill us for an extra day. Given the fact that their offices only open at noon/lunch time on Sundays and we returned the key shortly after 08:30am begs the question why any company would that and charge for an extra day??? Surely and Certainly the car couldn’t have been given to any customer - CLOSED OFFICE AND ALL !!

5) (who seems to be the referrer for SIXT via response you’ll get if any is sort of ‘bad luck’. You signed this - too bad for you! And even if you write to them, it’ll be crickets after that. You can chase them, send them evidence - no matter what you do, you won’t hear from them again.

6) In my whole life I’ve never experienced such atrocious “””customer service”””

7) we book this car on in good faith, even after they or their associate (Rentscape) majorly screwed up. Originally our car would’ve cost us EUR 150 less but’s partner Rentscape did not have the car we originally booked available. So’s agent ‘offered’ us 15% off which still left us with EUR 100 more to pay.

8) so then we were left with SIXT, paying EUR 100 more and then being charged another EUR 136.56.

9) We got the car in on 12th March after 2pm, returned it on 20th shortly after 8:30am - we booked a Peugeot 308 or similar, got an Opel Corsa and paid in total: over EUR 510 for a tiny car.

In conclusion: I cannot recommend hiring a car here. Nor booking one via the above.


Avoid having the headache and spending time on a cause where no one responds to you but is happy to take your money.

Why rent with Sixt?

Why rent with Sixt?
  • New cars - on average 3 months old
  • Premium fleet of german cars
  • Car rental made quick and easy
  • Unlimited miles on standard vehicles
  • Free cancellation when you pay on arrival
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service

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