Car Rentals with Winter Tires*

Driving in winter conditions can be difficult for even the most experienced drivers, make sure you are prepared to face the snow and ice with our available fleet of vehicles equipped with snow tires. If you are visiting locations in the US that are known for their snowy winters, our all season tire equipped vehicles will allow you to feel safe and secure while navigating winter conditions.

How to Book Winter Tires and Snow Tires

Unlike other extras, snow tires come as standard in countries where they are required either by law or due to the winter driving conditions. To make sure you're renting a vehicle with winter tires, when selecting your car online you will see beside the car if they are included. Should they not be fitted already, please request them and our staff will be sure to meet your needs. 

Winter Tires in Europe

In Germany and Austria, winter tires are required by law during the snowy seasons. Your Sixt car rental will come equipped with them as standard between the rental period of 01.1.2019 until 04.15.2019 in Austria and 01.1.2019 until 03.31.2019 in Germany.


In France and Switzerland, winter tires are not required by law, however, they could be very useful if you’re planning on visiting the Alps or going on a ski trip. In Switzerland, winter tires come as standard on Sixt rental cars between 11.15.2019 until 04.15.2019. After entering your desired pick-up locations and dates, you will see which of our rental vehicles in Switzerland and France are bookable with snow tires and then how much they cost per day. Our helpful staff in-branch can also advise on which is best for your trip.

Winter Tires in the US

In the US, all Sixt rent a car vehicles are equipped with all season tires that give you security during the winter months. IF you're heading to a ski resort or an area that will likely have snowy weather, we recommend that you choose a vehicle with 4WD. Our helpful staff in-branch can also advise on what is best for your trip.

Winter Tires

Snow Chains

To ensure safe travels during the winter months, snow chains are available at many Sixt locations in Europe - find out about snow chains.

* Subject to availability. Even though winter tires are not available in some locations of the US, Sixt provides them in many areas that experience winter conditions around the country.