Car Rental with Ski Racks

If planning a skiing holiday, SIXT rent a car can make your trip easier with our deals on car rental with a ski rack. Available in Colorado in the US and at select locations worldwide, renting a car with a ski rack gives you a convenient way to plan a smooth ski vacation. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when you rent a car with a ski rack:

  • You will have a secure and comfortable way to transport your winter sports equipment 
  • You can plan ahead and have less to organize when you arrive
  • You will have more space in your rental car and drive a vehicle that is well suited to winter road conditions

Renting a car with Ski Racks made easy

How can I book ski racks with my car rental?

Renting a car with a ski rack is a great idea for your next winter vacation. It gives you the chance to travel in comfort and gives you a convenient way to get around with your ski equipment. SIXT wants to help you figure out what is the right kind of rental vehicle for your car rental with a ski rack. If you have any questions, our helpful staff in-branch can also advise on which is best for your trip. Below are some of the things to think about before choosing the perfect rental car for your next ski vacation.

Benefits of ski rack rental

Traveling with skis and winter gear probably means you will need more cargo space. For your car rental with a ski rack, our selection of premium SUVs can be the perfect solution. In addition to a ski rack, you might want to include other winter accessories to ensure you can drive with more confidence in snowy or icy conditions. A SIXT car rental with a ski rack is especially great for travel to the slopes of Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Our airport and major city car rental locations will get you to top European ski destinations in no time. 

Other useful extras for a winter vacation

Besides booking a car rental with a ski rack, SIXT offers other useful add-ons and extras to accommodate a winter vacation. At some of our car rental locations we can provide you with winter equipment to help ensure safer driving. Even if you are not heading out on a ski adventure you can book optional features for driving in snow or ice. 

  • Snow chains: Increase traction and minimize wheel spin, making driving in conditions such as snow and ice safer.
  • Winter tires: Offer optimized driving in low temperatures with their special tread design. They are often required in many European countries during the cold months and are essential for winter road trips through the Alps. 

Sixt's Skiing Destinations in the US & Europe

In the US, ski racks can be booked at our Denver Airport and Aspen Airport branches in Colorado. In Europe, our winter equipment is available in all branches located in snowy destinations, including Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Norway and more. Simply enter your desired location in the booking form above, or browse our most popular cities and stations to read more about their services, vehicles, and offers.

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