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Sixt car rental companies strive to give their customers choices when it comes to the driving experience that they can provide. We do this by offering the best in new cars that strive to find a balance for luxury, utility, and economy. The Volvo XC60 meets these needs. This Sixt car rental provides the space and abilities of larger SUVs while still incorporating all the niceties that give one the feeling of luxury. 

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Sixt customers can be comfortable in knowing that their time spent in transit will be one that is relaxing and free of the worry of getting all of their possessions and passengers to the destination at hand. This Sixt rent a car also looks out for customers by being one the Sixt Volvo models that leads the way in safety. It receives nearly perfect scores from critics when this dimension of its performance comes into consideration. The Volvo XC60 certainly has certainly impressed Sixt rent a car, and there is little doubt that it will impress customers as well.

Volvo XC60: Perfectly Designed

Drivers taking advantage of this model will find the Volvo XC60’s features to be very attracting:

INTERIOR - The interior is inviting, easy to work with, and stylish as well. Inside the cabin you will know right away that all materials used were chosen because of its high quality. In terms of technology, the XC60 comes with many interesting features like Rear Seat Entertainment System and Park Assist Camera.

EXTERIOR - The same attention to detail that was given to the interior extends outwards. The XC60 looks as good as it drives, and there is nothing wrong with taking style into consideration when getting behind the wheel of a Sixt car rental.

Interested? Rent Your Volvo XC60 From Sixt

The rental car experience can often be a one-sided endeavor in which customers must choose between economy and luxury with few options in between. A large majority of car rental companies push people into either a small, compact vehicle or a large, gas-guzzling model with all the trimmings.

In addition to offering their customers the best cars and SUVs on the market, Sixt rent a car excels in superior service. They always offer dozens of locations for car drop-off and pick-up, and their commitment to communication with customers is unmatched. Another reason that customers consistently choose them is the competitive prices that they offer on outstanding rentals such as the Volvo XC60. Their customers save money on their travel expenses while not sacrificing service and convenience. Whether you are a family traveling or an individual that does not know the meaning of packing light, Sixt car rental has a XC60 waiting that will keep you moving. Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Volvo XC60, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category.