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Israel is a wonderful place to tour, and it can be even better in a car rental from Sixt! Whether you are looking for a economy car, 4x4, or van, Sixt has you covered with a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Rent a car in Israel with Sixt and be on your way in a flash! If you rent a car in Israel, we will do our best to give you the best customer service around. Make sure you grab that supplemental liability insurance before you go so that you can rest easy knowing you and your car rental are safe. Adding the personal accident protection and the LDW insurance can only add to your peace of mind as you careen through Israel's beautiful sights.

Some Driving Regulations to keep in mind

When driving in Israel, there are a few things you need to remember to ensure your Sixt car rental driving experience is a safe and happy one:

  • Pay attention to triangular signs. These are there to warn you of potential hazards.
  • Watch out for circular signs. They inform you of local restrictions and conditions.
  • Observe the curbs. In Israel, different curb striping will have different meaning. For example, red and yellow striping designates that particular area as a public transportation zone. With blue and white striping, you are required to have a special permit. Red and white striping means you cannot park there at all.
By following these simple rules, your experience with car rental in Israel will be a pleasant one!

Things to see when you car rental in Israel

Israel is a magical place rich in history in culture, and you can see it all from your car rental. Take Highway One to the famous Dead Sea to visit one of the Middle East's most famous attractions. Moving back up to Tel Aviv, stop off for some local dining, or perhaps experience the nightlife. From there, it's a short trip to Jerusalem and such sights as The Wailing Wall. Whatever you are looking for, your car rental in Israel from Sixt can take you there.

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