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  • Dornburgerstr. 6
    07743 Jena

    Mo. - Fr.07:00 - 18:00
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  • Jena

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    Dornburgerstr. 6
    07743 Jena

    Mo. - Fr.07:00 - 18:00
    Sa.08:00 - 11:00
    Su.09:00 - 11:00

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Car Rental Advantages in Jena, Germany

Jena, Germany, is an old city with many things to see and do. If you are planning a trip to Jena, we can help you with your transportation needs. When you rent a car with us, you can be assured that you are getting a great deal on a reliable vehicle. Our fleet of rental cars includes many styles for you to choose from. If you are planning on doing a lot of driving, it is important that your car rental is comfortable and safe for you and your family.

Besides great deals on rental cars, we also offer car hire services.

Sixt services provide you with a professional driver who will show up on time and ready to take you to wherever you would like to go.
Whether you decide to use our car rental services or our car hire services, you can count on us for fast, reliable service.

The Zeiss-Planetarium in Jena has been open for nearly one-hundred years and has been a popular attraction for adults and children ever since. The artificial night sky that can be observed here gives visitors a look into the movement of the celestial bodies. They offer several programs such as music shows and plays that help visitors learn about the universe in a fun way. Schiller's Garden House is a museum that was once the home of the German poet Friedrich Schiller. Today, visitors can tour the museum, see where he lived, and learn about the years that Schiller spent in the Garden house.

The City Museum in Jena has several areas where visitors can learn about the city's history. Their exhibitions include displays of different periods of time in the development of the city. There is an art collection, a literary museum, and a 20th century workshop that shows a visitors what went on in a workshop at that time. The historic city hall in Jena, Rathaus, is a popular historic site. It was built in the 1400's, and although many renovations have been done throughout the years, the building still looks very similar to the way it did back then. The city hall includes a clock that is a favored attraction among visitors. This clock was constructed in 1500 and the pictures painted on it depict life in medieval times. The three figures on the clock, a human head, an angel, and a pilgrim, move whenever the clock chimes the new hour.