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Montrouge Car Rental

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  • 102 Avenue Aristide Briand
    92129 Montrouge Cedex

    Mo. - Fr.08:00 - 12:30
     14:00 - 18:30
    Sa.09:00 - 12:00
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  • Paris Porte d Orléans

    Sixt rent a car
    102 Avenue Aristide Briand
    92129 Montrouge Cedex

    Mo. - Fr.08:00 - 12:30
     14:00 - 18:30
    Sa.09:00 - 12:00

    Available vehicle categories: Cars & vehicles, Sports cars & convertibles, 4x4 / SUV, Truck

Car Rental with Montrouge Cedex, France

Sixt is a leading provider of car rental services in Montrouge Cedex, France. Rent a car of your choice from the company's pool of ultra-modern and well-maintained rental cars. The fleet variety of Sixt includes vans, SUVs, trucks, luxury limousines and sports cars of varying brands and passenger capacities. Whether travelling as an individual or a group, you can readily access a suitable car in Montrouge Cedex with ease and convenience. Notably, people traveling in groups of as many as 15 people can readily rent a car of their choice from Sixt. Extras such as 24-hour online booking portal, tracking security features and insurance coverage make Sixt stand out as one of the most reliable car rental companies in the city. The LDW Insurance is one such coverage the company uses to guarantee safety and inspire the driving experience for customers.

What to see in Montrouge Cedex with Rent a Car

Montrouge Cedex is a tourism hub that offers plenty of fun, entertainment and adventure. The city remains one of the most refreshing travel destinations in Europe. In fact, many of the attractions in Montrouge Cedex are easily accessible, thanks to its proximity to Paris and particulary so, its closeness to Paris Porte d Orléans. You can visit the Montrouge Cedex's ancient landmarks, such as Forte de Montrouge or view its timeless works of arts at the Montrouge Contemporary Art Exhibition. You can alternatively drive to nearby Paris and explore famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Montrouge Cedex is also in keeping with exquisite wine making and cooking traditions. Hotels and restaurants Montrouge Cedex serve delicious French cuisine along with the tasty wines from different regions. Take advantage of unlimited mileage that Sixt car rental offers to explore Montrouge Cedex as much as you want.