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Traveling with a Car Rental in Lyon, France

A Sixt rental car in Lyon, France is going to be ideal for when you are in the city. You want the power to go to where you want, when you want. You do not have the dependency of public transportation and you get the intimacy of traveling with those you wish to travel with not half the city.
There are many places to go throughout Lyon and you will want a car hire to explore them on your own terms. Many historic buildings exist in the city and you will want to see them all. There are two Roman amphitheaters that can be visited near the Fourviere Hill. Additionally, there is the Cathedral Saint Jean Baptiste as well as the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere.

The choice is always yours with a rental car from Sixt in Lyon, including what kind of car you drive and for how long you rent it for.

One of the main benefits to a car rental in Lyon, France is that you can visit your favorite attractions when its convenient for you instead of relying on the schedule of public transportation or a tour guide. This allows you to visit whats important to you day or night and you can choose to stay as little or as long as you want. If you do not look into rental cars, you are missing out on this opportunity.
A variety of options exist with rental cars. You can choose a car size that fits your needs as well as your budget. You can choose from a compact car, an SUV or anything in between. This will greatly depend on how many people are traveling with you and how much luggage you have.

When you have a car rental, you benefit from a company that is going to provide you with a great vehicle that does not have a significant amount of mileage on it. The car has also been properly maintained day in and day out, so you never have to worry about being stranded in an area of France that you are unfamiliar with.
You choose how long you wish to rent a car for. You may decide that you want to rent a car for the entire time you are in town. Then again, you may choose only to rent one for a day or two in order to drive beyond Lyon to view some of the other amazing cities in France such as Marseille or Bordeaux.

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Cheap Car Rental Locations in Lyon

  • Lyon St Exupéry Airport
    BP 154
    69125 Lyon St Exupéry Aéroport

    Mo. - Fr.07:00 - 23:00
    Sa.08:00 - 22:00
    Su.09:00 - 23:00
    Bank holiday09:00 - 23:00
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  • Lyon Part Dieu Train Station
    40 Bd Villette
    69003 Lyon

    Mo. - Fr.07:30 - 22:30
    Sa.08:30 - 12:30
     14:00 - 18:30
    Su.10:00 - 12:00
     15:00 - 19:30
    Bank holiday10:00 - 12:00
     15:00 - 19:30
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