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You won't have to worry about getting lost on your trip with a GPS car rental - as long as you know the address of your destination, a GPS car rental is guaranteed to get you where you want to go.

  • Not only that, but it'll be sure to take you the fastest, most direct route, saving you time and petrol costs.
  • GPS is also able to alert you to upcoming traffic delays and suggest alternative routes, so if you're traveling for a business trip or just with the family, you wont have to worry about missing a vital meeting or a moment of the fun due to unforeseen traffic circumstances.
  • Many units will also advise you on local speed restrictions and warn you when you are going too fast or of there is a speed trap coming up, saving you from the costs of unexpected fines when you get home.

When traveling either at home or abroad, for work or for pleasure, there are a multitude of transport options. Most metropolitan capitals have a Metro system, a quick and convenient way to get around; or for the best views and a close up look at the culture the best idea is always to try walking.

However, not every holiday or business travel destination has public transport that can be relied upon, or are too sprawling and spread out to walk in. Maybe you're planning on getting away from it all in the countryside or the hilltops and mountains of Europe where only an SUV will do or perhaps you need to travel for business and don't want to spend hours on a cramped train subject to niggling delays.

Whatever your reason for wanting to travel by road, Sixt rent a car can find you the perfect vehicle for your trip!

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Ask for GPS on your Rental Car with Sixt extras

Rent a car with baby seat sixt car rental.

Sixt rent a car offers a huge range of vehicles, from luxury sports cars and convertibles, to SUVs and utility vehicles and economy vehicles to suit all budgets.

Once you've chosen your car it's time to choose your optional extras. From power steering and central locking to air conditioning or a sun roof, Sixt rent a car have it all to choose from. Whether you're traveling at home or abroad, however, if you're in unfamiliar territory some of the most useful add ons are navigation tools.

To find your way around on your holiday or business trip, check out the Navigation car rentals at Sixt and book a GPS car rental!

Save Money and Time with the GPS Navigation

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