Weekend car rental
Weekend Car Rental

Weekend Car Rental Deals

We all need to mix it up sometimes and with a weekend car rental deal from SIXT you can plan an escape or adventure in a few clicks. Whether needing to relax in the countryside, hit the beach, or feel the pulse of a big city, we are glad to offer you the perfect weekend rental car for you and your friends. With fantastic deals and a premium fleet of vehicles to choose from you can be on your way with a SIXT weekend rent a car.




Why Rent a Car for the Weekend?

Sixt offers great weekend car rental deals on short term. With a variety of vehicles to choose from in a range of styles you can easily arrange what will best suit your weekend plans.

  • City Break: Head to a new city for a few days with the help of our numerous city center and airport locations. Check out the vibrant cultural scenes and sights of San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, or opt for an exciting time in Las Vegas. 
  • One-Way: Our one way services mean you can drive to a destination in one of our vehicles and return it to a different branch. A one way weekend trip is great for visiting friends then flying back, relocating, or an adventurous road trip. Sixt also offers one way car rentals with a one-way free or charge on selected routes, which you can discover on our one way car rental page.  
  • Experience a luxury car: Treat yourself to a short term exotic rental vehicle and experience some affordable luxury. You can drive a car from prestige brands like BMW, Audi or Mercedes and make your weekend unforgettable.
  • Special occasions: Are you heading to a wedding or planning to celebrate a special occasion of your life? Sixt gets you covered with the best weekend car rental deals on premium cars such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Chevrolet. 

Have a Fun Weekend with Sixt Rent a Car

With affordable upgrades available with weekend car rental, you can ensure your trip runs smoothly. Each weekend rental comes with unlimited mileage so you can explore as much as you can. We look forward to handing you the keys to a great weekend!