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Utah Toll Roads

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UT Toll Roads FAQs

How do I pay Utah tolls?

There is only one short toll road in Utah, the Adams Avenue Parkway. You can pay tolls on the parkway with cash or with an ExpressCard. 

How do I pay a missed toll in Utah?

You must stop at a toll booth and pay cash or use your ExpressCard. 

What happens if I don't pay a toll in Utah?

It is not possible to enter the Adams Avenue Parkway without paying the toll. 

How do I pay Salt Lake City tolls?

You can pay tolls on the Adams Avenue Parkway north of Salt Lake City in Ogden with cash or an ExpressCard. 

How much are tolls in Utah?

The Adams Avenue Parkway charges $1.00 for a 2-axle vehicle, and $0.50 more for each extra axle. 

Is E-ZPass accepted in Utah?

No transponders, including E-ZPass, can be used for payment on the Adams Avenue Parkway.  

Toll Roads in Utah

Express Lanes, Salt Lake City, Utah


On Which Highways Interstate 15
Connecting Cities US 6 in Spanish Fork to Salt Lake City and from Parrish Lane, Centerville to Layton Parkway
Cost of the Toll Road Dynamic variable rate based on current traffic conditions
Autos $1.00 max - $0.25 min
Calculate the cost of your trip here www.expresspass.utah.gov
Distance of the Toll Road 61.90 miles - 99.62 km
How to pay E-ZPass, cash
History The Express Lanes opened in 2006 and now provide Utah with the longest continuous stretch of carpool lanes in the country.
Discounts E-ZPASS users.

How and when to use the I-95

Express Lanes provide smoother and more reliable travels. The Express Lanes are divided into six payment zones based on congestion levels with costs highest during peak traffic times. Electronic signs will show drivers the price to travel in each zone. The Express Lanes are divided into six payment zones that vary in length.

Express Lanes users enter and exit the lanes at access points marked by white-dotted striping. An access point is located at each I-15 interchange. Users should exit the Express Lanes at the interchange before their exit. Signs along the Express Lanes indicate which access point to use to reach your exit safely. Remember that crossing the double-white lines is unsafe and illegal.

Only carpoolers, motorcycles, buses, C Decal vehicles, emergency vehicles and solo drivers with an Express Pass are eligible to use the Express Lanes. Violators will be issued a citation with a fine of up to $175.