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Southern Connector

  • Toll Road Name: Southern Connector, South Carolina
  • On Which Highways:  Interstate 185
  • Connecting Cities: Connects the I-185 to the I-385
  • Cost of the Toll Road:  Fixed rate based on axle/weight/distance traveled
  • Autos: $3.00 max - $.075 min
  • Trucks: $12.00 max - $0.75 min 
  • Calculate the cost of your trip here:
  • Distance of the Toll Road: 16 miles - 25.75 km
  • How to pay: PalPass, cash, credit cards at mainline plazas - Checks, money orders, Travelers Checks, etc. CANNOT be accepted for payment of tolls. - At (Highway 20 and Fork Shoals Road) EXACT CHANGE or valid Palmetto Pass is required. Credit cards cannot be used at the ramps.
  • History: The Southern Connector was built to relieve congestion on highways 85 and 385, and to open up a significant portion of southern Greenville county to economic development. he highway opened in February 2001, 
  • How to Use: The Southern Connector has three exits between each toll plaza. Those using the entire road are charged the full amount, which means paying two tolls. Credit card payments are accepted only at the mainline plazas. Credit Cards accepted are AMEX, Visa, Discover and MasterCard. Debit cards bearing the logo of AMEX, Visa, Discover or MasterCard will also be accepted, but as credit transactions. Any debit card requiring a PIN number will not be accepted as a form of payment. 
  • When  to Use: To save time especially during morning and evening commutes.

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