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Discover all of the toll roads in Rhode Island below, get to know if you will be driving on a toll road while you in Rhode Island. Click on the toll road below and learn the costs of the toll road, distance and so much more. 

RI Toll Roads FAQs

How do I pay Rhode Island tolls?

You can pay to cross the Claiborne Pell/Newport Bridge in Rhode Island using an E-ZPass transponder, cash or credit or debit card.

How do I pay a missed toll in Rhode Island?

If you don’t have an E-ZPass transponder, cash or a credit or debit card, you will be asked to fill out an unpaid toll invoice form. You can pay within 14 days with cash in person or a check by mail.

What happens if I don't pay a toll in Rhode Island?

If you do not pay within the 14-day period after an unpaid toll invoice form is filled out, you will be charged additional fees and could be taken to court.

How do I pay Jamestown tolls?

You can pay to cross the Newport Pell Bridge with E-ZPass, cash, or a credit or debit card.

How much are tolls in Rhode Island?

Tolls on the Newport Pell Bridge cost $2.00 per axle, or $5.00 per axle if you have to fill out an unpaid toll invoice form. If you are a Rhode Island resident, you will receive a discount when you pay with E-ZPass.

Is E-ZPass accepted in Rhode Island?

Yes, you can pay with an E-ZPass transponder in Rhode Island. State residents will pay a discounted toll rate.

Toll Roads in Rhode Island

Clairborne/Pell Newport Bridge (Newport Bridge)


On which Highways The toll bridge is part of the Rhode Island Route 138
Connecting cities The toll bridge connects Newport on Aquidneck Island and Jamestown on Conanicut Island.
Toll cost for Cars $4.00
Truck toll cost $2.00 per axle
Length of the toll road 2.8 miles
How to pay Cash, credit/debit card, E-ZPass
Discounts With an E-ZPass for Rhode Island residents, unlimited travel plans and 30-day frequent users.

How and When to Use the Clairborne/Pell Newport Bridge (Newport Bridge)

The Clairborne Pell/Newport Bridge is a great way to get from Rhode Island’s mainland through both Conanicut Island and Aquidneck Island without having to circle around Rhode Island, through Providence. This route saves both time and gas by connecting with Rhode Island Route 138. Access to the toll bridge from Newport by either heading north on Route 238 or west on Route 138. The other access to the toll bridge is heading east on Route 138 or north from Jamestown on Conanicus Avenue. The bridge is open 24/7 and you have to pay at all times. If you can’t pay when entering the bridge, you have 14 days to pay the toll, with an administrative fee added. If you do not pay the toll before the 14 days are up, you will be subject to a fine of an additional $40.00. 

RhodeWorks Truck Tolls


On which Highways Wood River Bridge, Teft Hill, Toll Gate Road Bridge, Oxford Street Bridge and Roosevelt Ave Bridge on I-95. Plainfield Pike, Route 5 Greenville Ave and Leigh Road Bridge on I-295. Seekonk River Bridge on I-195. George Washington Way Bridge on Route 116. Farnum Pike Bridge on Route 104. Woonasquatucket River Bridge on US-6.
Connecting cities There are various toll locations throughout Rhode Island, connecting Richmond with Providence and its surroundings.
Toll cost for Cars No cost
Truck toll cost $2.25-$9.50. Rate varies depending on the toll road.
How to pay E-ZPass, or by mail with a credit card or check without an E-ZPass.

How and when to use the RhodeWorks Truck Tolls

The RhodeWorks Truck Toll program is a system that only tolls specific types of tractor trailers. The tolls are located at various bridges or groups of bridges on the I-95, I-295, I-195, Route 116 and US-6. There are currently 12 locations in operation. Normal sized vehicles do not need to pay this toll. The accesses to the tolls are along the various different interstates. The tolls must be paid 24/7. If you fail to pay your toll invoice after the 30-day grace period, you must pay a penalty.