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Maine Turnpike

  • Toll Road Name: Maine Turnpike, Maine
  • On Which Highways: Interstates 95, 195, 295, 495
  • Connecting Cities or States: Kittery to Augusta
  • Cost of the Toll Road:  Fixed rate based on axle, weight and distance traveled
  • Autos: $7.00 max for full length no pass
  • Trucks: $31.55 max for full length no pass
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  • Distance of the Toll Road: 109 miles 175.41 Km
  • How to pay: cash, E-ZPASS
  • History: The Maine Turnpike was New England’s first superhighway and the first of its kind in the United States built without state or federal tax dollars. It remains independent until today.
  • How to Use: The Maine Turnpike has five service plazas where drivers can find fuel, food and other services. Each plaza service station provides gas, diesel, oil, fluids, a limited selection of tires and 24/7 radio contact with the Maine Turnpike’s Communications Center. Rest rooms are also available at these service plazas.
  • When to Use:  The Maine Turnpike runs from the state line of New Hampshire to Augusta, Maine’s capitol. It passes through the following cities: Kittery, Saco, Portland, Lewiston, Gardiner, and Augusta. There are many attractions along the route.
  • Discounts: E-ZPASS users receive discounted toll rates.
  • Future Plans: The Maine Turnpike Authority’s 2015 Capital Program includes $53.5 million for construction projects including: Resurfacing, guardrail and clearzone improvements, bridge repair and rehabilitation, interchange and Park and Ride improvements, and Cash lane toll plaza improvements and conversions to open road tolling.

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