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Kansas Toll Roads

Find out all the information about Kansas toll prices, distances, payment methods, discounts and much more for your next trip to Kansas.

KS Toll Roads FAQs

How do I pay Kansas tolls?

You can pay tolls on the Kansas Turnpike using the K-Tag or other transponders, by video with a bill by mail, or with cash or credit cards.

How do I pay a missed toll in Kansas?

If you don’t pay a toll and use a non-electronic lane you will be mailed a statement within 2 weeks and can pay online. In some instances, you can pay online within 10 days of missing a cash toll booth. If you use an electronic lane without the right transponder, you will be billed at a violation rate depending on the number of axles your vehicle has and can also pay online.

What happens if I don't pay a toll in Kansas?

If you don’t pay a toll, you will be sent a bill at the violations rate, which is a flat fee depending on how many axles your vehicle has.

How much are tolls in Kansas?

The toll is based on what class your vehicle is and how many axles it has, and where you enter and exit the turnpike.

How do I pay Kansas City tolls?

You can pay with the K-Tag or other compatible transponder, cash or credit card or online with a bill by mail.

How do I pay Topeka tolls?

You can pay with the K-Tag or other compatible transponder, cash or credit card or online with a bill by mail.

How do I pay Wichita tolls?

Exit 53A at Wichita is the state’s first cashless toll plaza. Drivers can either pay using the K-Tag electronic lanes or pay online within 10 days by searching for their license plate number on the PayKTA online payment website.

Is E-ZPass accepted in Kansas?

E-ZPass cannot be used on the Kansas Turnpike, but you can pay with the K-Tag and several other transponders.

Toll Roads in Kansas

Kansas Turnpike


Toll Road Name Kansas Turnpike, Kansas
On Which Highways Interstates 35, 335, 470, 70
Connecting Cities The Kansas Turnpike runs from the Oklahoma state line to Kansas City. It passes through several major Kansas cities such as Wichita, Topeka, and Lawrence.
Cost of the Toll Road Fixed rate based on axle and distance traveled
Auto Cost $12.00 max for full length, $0.30 min (calculate your costs here: www.ksturnpike.com/travel/tolls)
Truck Costs $77.50 max, $0.35 min
Distance of the Toll Road 236 miles - 380 Km
How to pay cash, KTAG
Discounts If you are using the Turnpike several times you might want to consider signing up for the KTAG electronic toll collection system in order to save on costs.

How and When to Use the Kansas Turnpike

The turnpike spans the entire state of Kansas from north to south and passes through its major cities. Some popular destinations along the Kansas Turnpike are:

  • Exit 224, 410, or 41 1 - Cricket Wireless Amphitheater (formerly Sandstone Amphitheater) in Bonner Springs
  • Exit 197, 202, or 204 - Memorial Stadium in Lawrence
  • Exit 53, 50, or 42 - Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita.

Tolls are only paid once for each trip and will be collected upon exiting the Turnpike.

  • Enter through a lane marked Ticket /Cash and do NOT enter through a KTAG marked lane.
  • Pick up a ticket when you enter from either an employee or ticket automat.
  • Exit through a lane marked Cash/Self Pay lane. Payments are accepted in US currency or with major credit cards.


The Kansas Turnpike was built in 22 months and opened in 1956.  The Turnpike predates the Interstate Highway System and derives its entire revenue from the tolls collected. The Turnpike requires no additional tax money for its maintenance or administration.