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Indiana Toll Roads

Find all the Indiana toll information you need below. We provide you with prices, payment methods, distances and compatibilities to make your next trip to Indiana a success.

IN Toll Roads FAQs

How do I pay Indiana tolls?

You can pay tolls in Indiana electronically with transponders including E-ZPass and I-Pass. It is also possible to pay using Pay by Plate or with cash. In Southern Indiana you can also pay with RiverLink.

How do I pay a missed toll in Indiana?

You can pay online within 30 days of driving on a toll road with or without a ticket.

What happens if I don’t pay a toll in Indiana?

You will receive a toll violation or invoice. The procedure and penalties for unpaid tolls depends on the tolling facility that issued the violation.

How much are tolls in Indiana?

The cost of tolls on the Indiana Toll Road depends on how many axles your vehicle has, how far you are driving on the road, and whether you are paying with E-ZPass or cash.

How do I pay South Bend tolls?

You can pay tolls on the Indiana Toll Road with E-ZPass, I-Pass or cash.

How do I pay Indianapolis tolls?

There are no toll roads in Indianapolis itself, but if you are coming from I-90 in the north, you can pay by E-ZPass, I-Pass or with cash.

Are E-ZPass and I-Pass the same?

You can pay using either transponder while traveling on the Indiana Toll Road or the Cline Avenue Bridge.

Toll Roads in Indiana

Indiana East-West Toll Road


Toll Road Name Indiana East-West Toll Road, Indiana
On Which Highways Interstate 90 and Interstate 80
Connecting Cities Connects the Chicago Skyway to the Ohio Turnpike. It passes through the following Indiana cities: Hammond, East Chicago, Gary, Lake Station, Portage, South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart.
Cost of the Toll Road Fixed rate based on axle, weight, distance traveled
Auto Cost $10.00 max for the full length, $4.65 min (calculate your costs here:
Trucks Cost $86.60 max, $14.60 min
Distance of the Toll Road 157 miles - 252.67 Km
How to pay E-Zpass, cash

When to use the Indiana East-West Toll Road?

This toll road runs the entire length of Northern Indiana and connects the Chicago Skyway to the Ohio Turnpike. The Indiana Toll Road provides access to the northern parts of the region. Driving from the west it passes near Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes, close to Chesterton and Michigan City, the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, and the Amish communities in Nappanee, Middlebury and Shipshewana. Not far from the toll road is the town of Culver, sometimes referred to as the Cape Cod of the Midwest.