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Jane Addams Memorial Tollway | Illinois Toll Costs

  • Toll Road Name: Jane Addams Memorial Tollway, Illinois
  • Connecting Cities: Chicago and Rockford
  • On Which Highways:  Interstate 39 and Interstate 90
  • Cost of the Toll Road:  Fixed variable rate based on time of day and type of vehicle.
  • Autos: $5.50 max $2.75 min
  • Trucks: $20.30 max $15.25 min more information here https://www.illinoisvirtualtollway.com/?ContentPane=tripcalculator
  • Distance of the Toll Road: 76 miles 122 Km
  • How to pay: E-ZPass, I-Pass, cash
  • History: Originally opened in 1958 as the Northwest Tollway, it was renamed in 2007 for Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams founder of the Settlement House movement in the US.
  • How to Use: The Jane Addams Memorial Tollway is a direct link between the greater Rockford Area and the Chicago Metro Area and crosses both the I-90 and I-290.   Tolls are paid at both manned and unmanned toll plazas. At unattended ramp plazas drivers can only pay with I-PASS, E-ZPass or exact coins only. There are a few toll plazas which except only electronic tolling. At Illinois Route 47 (EB exit/WB entrance) customers without I-PASS/EZ-Pass will incur a $0.90 unpaid toll; Illinois Route 47 (EB entrance/WB exit) customers without I-PASS/EZ-Pass will incur a $0.60 unpaid toll.  Customers without I-PASS/EZ-Pass are responsible for paying the unpaid toll  online or by mail within 7 days. Check out which plazas are manned, unattended or electronic only here: http://www.illinoistollway.com/tolls-and-i-pass/toll-information/rates-by-toll-plaza Toll prices are determined by time of day. Daytime Hours: 6:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Overnight Hours: 10:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.
  • When to Use: Use the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway to get you from Rockford to O’Hare International Airport. It will also take you to North to Wisconsin coming from Rockford or O’Hare International Airport.
  • Discounts: I-Pass/E-ZPass users pay discounted toll rates
  • Future Plans: Major projects are planned for 2015 including the start of roadway work for the 25-mile eastern segment and rebuilding and widening  the section from Elgin to the I-294. Planned construction also includes continued work to improve interchanges, to reconstruct the Fox River Bridge and replace local crossroad bridges on the I-90 corridor.




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