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I-95 Express Toll Road | Florida Toll Costs

  • Toll Road Name: I-95 Express, Florida
  • On Which Highways:  Interstate 95
  • Connecting Cities: Downtown Miami and Golden Glades
  • Cost of the Toll Road:  Dynamic variable rate based current traffic conditions and time of day
  • Autos: $10.50 max $0.50 min
  • Distance of the Toll Road: 7 miles 11.27 Km
  • How to pay: SunPass
  • History: The Florida Department of Transportation in 2008 converted the I-95 high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes northbound between SR 112 and the Golden Glades Interchange to the I-95 Express: a toll based express lane open to all commuters. How to Use:Take note that you can only enter the Express Lanes at designated points, If you mistakenly enter I-95 Express you must travel to the end at the Golden Glades interchange.  Drivers must have a SunPass transponder as the I-95 Express is monitored electronically. Photographs are taken of vehicles using the lane illegally and will be subject to a fine. Drivers can enter the Express Lanes at SR 112.The following categories of vehicles are not required to pay a toll and do not need a SunPass transponder: Three passenger carpools registered with FDOT, hybrid vehicles registered with FODT, official South Florida vanpools, and motorcycles.When to Use:I-95 Express Lanes are currently in operation in Miami Dade County from the Golden Glades interchange to downtown Miami. The Express Lanes offer drivers a faster and smoother rides, shaving time off of commutes into Miami. Take advantage of off peak hours for a cheaper rate.
  • Future Plans:The I-95 Express Lanes are currently in their second phase of developments and weather permitting, are scheduled to be operational Spring 2015. New entrance and exit options will be features of the expansion. 




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