Toll Roads in Alaska

Learn about the only toll road in Alaska, the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel or more commonly known as the Whittier tunnel. Find information about the cost, connectivity and distance here and plan your trip easily.

AK Toll Roads FAQs

How do I pay Alaska tolls?

You can pay in cash only to use the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, known as the Whittier Tunnel, if you are driving to Whittier.

How do I pay a missed toll in Alaska?

As you must pay cash at a manned toll both, it is not possible to miss a toll when using the Whittier Tunnel.

What happens if I don't pay a toll in Alaska?

You must pay cash to use the Whittier Tunnel, so it’s not possible to access it without paying.

How much are tolls in Alaska?

The price to use the Whittier Tunnel is per-axle, and costs $13.00 for a 2-axle car or vehicle.

Is E-ZPass accepted in Alaska?

No, you can only use cash to pay the toll for the Whittier Tunnel.

Toll Roads in Alaska

Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel (Whittier Tunnel)


Toll Road Name Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel (Whittier Tunnel)
Connecting Cities The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel connects the town of Whittier with Highway 1 and Anchorage.
Cost of the Toll Road Minimum: $13, price increases based on the number of axles and for larger vehicles
Auto Cost A 2-axle car will pay $13 to use the tunnel
Truck Cost Trucks will pay a toll based on the number of axles and weight.
Distance of the Toll Road The tunnel is 2.5 miles long, making it the longest highway tunnel in North America.
How to pay Cash at a manned toll booth

How and When to Use the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel?

As the often-used nickname of the tunnel suggests, the Whittier Tunnel is used to connect the port town of Whittier with Highway 1 and Anchorage. If you need to go to Whittier, or get from Whittier into Anchorage, this is the only way to do so. Because the tunnel is shared by cars and trains traveling in two directions, you should look at the schedule online to see when you will be allowed to use the tunnel. Be sure to arrive ahead of schedule so you don’t miss your chance to use it!