Alabama Toll Roads | Tunnels with Tolls

Find every toll road in Alabama below, just click on the black dot and it will tell you the price of the toll road and how far each toll road is in Alabama. Let us help you plan your trip in Alabama. 

AL Toll Roads FAQs

How do I pay Alabama tolls?

You can pay tolls on the 4 toll bridges in Alabama using a Freedom Pass card, or cash. Some bridges like the Montgomery Expressway also accept credit cards and the Beach Express also offers Toll-by-Plate payment.

How do I pay a missed toll in Alabama?

If you have a Freedom Pass account but don’t have enough money in it to pay your tolls, you will receive an invoice by mail with additional administrative fees added. Follow the instructions on the invoice for payment options.

What happens if I don't pay a toll in Alabama?

You will receive an invoice by mail if you have insufficient funds in your Freedom Pass account or use the Toll-by-Plate payment option. If you incur unpaid tolls, your vehicle’s registration might be suspended.

How do I pay Montgomery tolls?

You can pay tolls on the Montgomery Expressway with an Alabama Freedom Pass card or with your phone, with a credit card or cash.

How much are tolls in Alabama?

Toll prices for a 2-axle vehicle to cross toll bridges in Alabama range from $1.50 to $3.00.

Is E-ZPass accepted in Alabama?

No, E-ZPass is not accepted in Alabama. You can pay with a Freedom Pass card or cash.