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Click on the state below and you will be able to discover every toll road in that state including the costs and where it is located. If the state is grey it means there are no toll roads in that state. Start exploring toll road information, for your next road trip today.

Important information

According to the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association has more than 5,000 miles of toll roads in the US, so it is quite likely you will encounter one driving with your Sixt car rental. From bridge and tunnel tolls to express and high occupancy lanes, most states have some sort of toll road system.

Nowadays most tolls are collected electronically via transponders that are typically placed on the windshield inside the vehicle. As many toll roads no longer accept cash it’s recommended to check the individual websites of each state’s toll system to inform yourself about the payment options along your route. 

  • E-ZPass is the electronic transponder for tolls in the Northeast of the US. It is the most established and widest-used system. Currently it is accepted in sixteen states stretching from Illinois up to Maine and down to North Carolina.
  • The SunPass is the second-largest compatible toll transponder usable in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. The North Carolina NC Quick Pass is another option with interoperability with E-ZPass, SunPass and Peach Pass accounts. 
  • Some highways have booth-less tolling, also known as open road tolls, which requires drivers to register their plates instead of using a transponder. PlatePass license plate recognition is another common way to pay for tolls with your rental car.
  • California drivers can make use of the FasTrak transponder which makes for quicker and easier payment over the eight bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can also use the FasTrak to enter express lanes in both Northern and Southern California.