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Slovenia Toll Roads | Vignette Slovenia

Find out everything about toll roads in Slovenia, including the vignette costs and where it is possible to purchase them.

Slovenia Vignettes Information

  • Information: Vignettes are required for all motorways and expressways in the Republic of Slovenia. The vignette is also necessary on the Spielfeld – Maribor route and for the motorway section via Koper. Driving through the Karawanken Tunnel is not included in the vignette and a separate toll must be paid.
  • Price: 7 day: 15.00 EUR  -  
  • 1 month: 30.00 EUR  Valid from the desired shipment date from up to and including the same day in the following month (e.g. 8.17 until 9.17) or until the end of the last day of the month if the following month does not have the same number of days (e.g. 1.31 until 2.28).
  • 1 year: 110.00 EUR from Dec 1st -  Jan 31st .
  • Where/How to purchase: Vignettes are sold at gas stations and Slovenia and neighboring countries, branches of national and foreign automobile clubs and at post office and some magazine stands in Slovenia.