Hungary Toll Roads | Calculate Toll Costs

Discover the costs of the vignette in Hungary and where you will be able to buy and drive with the Vignette. 

Hungary Vignette Information

  • Where: In Hungary, motorways, highways and certain sections of main roads can only be used with an e-Vignette must be procured. A region specific vignette is also available for purchase and valid for one year.
  • Price: -  1 week: 2975 HUF valid from selected starting day and nine days afterwards (a total of 10 days).
  • 1 month: 4780 HUF  Valid from the selected starting date until midnight of the same date in the following month. Should this day not be part of the subsequent month, then until midnight on the last day of that month (e.g. start of validity: March 15th expiration date and time midnight April 15th; or start of validity:  January 30th expiration date and time midnight February 28th).
  • 1 Year: 42980 HUF  Valid from January 1st  to  January 31st  in the following year (a total of 13 Months).
  • Annual Regional: 5000 HUF
  • Where/How to purchase: The Hungarian e-Vignette can be bought directly here: Or can be obtained from various point of sale locations found on this map:

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