Czech Republic Toll Roads| Calculate Toll Costs

Learn everything about toll roads in Czech Republic here. On the map below you will be able to see every toll road in Czech Republic, click on a toll road to learn more information about the tolls. Figure out the costs of each toll road and where they all are in Czech Republic. 

Czech Republic Vignette Information

  • Where can you drive: Vignettes are required for all vehicles on all roads with designated "Highway" and "Express Way" signs.
  • Price: 10 days: 12.00 EUR 1 month: 16.50 EUR Valid from the selected start day until midnight of the same day of the following month. If the date does not be existing in the following month, then until midnight of the last day of the following month (e.g. start of validity: March 15th expiration date and time midnight April 15th; or start of validity: January 30th expiration date and time midnight February 28th). 1 year: 56.50 EUR Valid from December 1st of the previous-year until January 31st of the following year.
  • Where/How to purchase: Vignettes are available at most gas stations and post offices in the Czech Republic. They are also available at the first rest area after the crossing the border from the DI, D2, D5, and D8. It is recommended to purchase them with a credit card or in CZK as other resellers might charge you additional (and unfair) exchange rate fees.

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