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in Lihue

SUV rental in Lihue

When you are looking for SUV rental in Lihue, SIXT is always a great choice. Whether you need a full-size, midsize, crossover or premium SUV, our fleet has models from Jeep, Range Rover and other top names. If you’re visiting this exotic Hawaiian destination with family or a group, you can better explore on your own schedule in a spacious SUV with plenty of cargo room. 

Our Popular SUV Classes


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Good to know when renting an SUV in Lihue

Can I choose what type of SUV I get?

You can choose a car category when booking, but not a specific model or vehicle.  

Do SUVs come with 4WD?

Not all the SUVs in the SIXT fleet have this feature. If you want guaranteed all-wheel drive, be sure to add it as an extra. 

How old do I need to be to rent an SUV in Lihue?

You can book most of our SUV models in Lihue if you are 21 and older. Some luxury and larger vehicles require renters to be 25 and older. 

Where can I rent an SUV in Lihue?

What are the Benefits of Renting an SUV in Lihue?

Plenty of room

An SUV offers a spacious interior for larger groups such as families, plus the ample cargo room lets you carry plenty of stuff. 

A variety of styles

We offer several different sizes and seating configurations in our SUVs that allow drivers to pick just the right one for their needs. 

Flexible rental periods

Whether you want to rent an SUV for one day, one week or even a long-term rental, SIXT can accommodate your needs. 

Luxury interiors

Just because a 4WD vehicle does a great job on the road, it doesn’t mean you leave luxurious features such as heated seats and entertainment systems behind.  

Explore Lihue with your SUV Rental

One of the reasons to choose an SUV rental in Lihue is that people often travel here for amazing outdoor adventures, such as visiting beaches or traveling to stunning waterfalls. When you add extras to your rental, such as GPS to get to your destination quickly, or an additional driver that allows more than one person to enjoy the fun of driving, you will enjoy your trip to Lihue even more.