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AIRTEC & Euromold 2016

A positive resonance on this new Fair´s concept: AIRTEC and Euromold Exhibitors expect decisive synergy effects  

Munich/Frankfurt, Germany, 25th September 2016. The exhibitors of this year Aerospace Fair, AIRTEC 2016, and of the Product Development Fair, Euromold, are for the first time eagerly looking forward to participating in these joint happening Events from 25th to 27th October 2016 in the Munich Exhibition Center. Both Fairs will generate synergy effects: companies from the sectors of Aerospace, Tooling, Design, and Moldmaking, and from the Additive Technologies will open up to new business possibilities and collaborations.   

The companies exhibiting agree that the location of Munich has been the ideal choice for Technology Fairs.  The high-tech Region of Bavaria and the outstanding logistic conditions of the Munich Exhibition Center form the perfect framework for two very successful Fairs.   

“Munich is the ideal location for an Aerospace Fair“ declared Christoph Hauck, the CEO of MBFZ toolcraft GmbH, a manufacturer of precision components. From the viewpoint of the CEO of Schott Systeme, Mr. Hans-Joachim Schott, a company specialized in Software products´ development such as CAD/CAM solutions, Munich is absolutely a very promising location. “As a company based in Munich, it is of course here our home turf. Furthermore, Munich is THE high-tech location in Germany. In addition, there is also the regional proximity of Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland” according to Mr. Schott.   

Mr. Hauck has only positive things to report about his experience so far with AIRTEC, and regarding the synergy effects with Euromold he added: “Especially for us is the combination of AIRTEC-Euromold ideal. Particularly the additive manufacturing joins both Fairs together.”   TQ-Systems GmbH, a supplier for systems and automation solutions, views the gathering of different sectors and technologies with confidence: “Especially in the future will the additive manufacturing play an important role in the aircraft industry. Therefore the geographic proximity of AIRTEC and Euromold is certainly a big multiplier for further establishment of the associated technologies.   

For Schott Systeme, the two Fairs jointly taking place likewise means an expansion of particular industry networks and possible business deals. Hans-Joachim Schott added: “We see the combination with AIRTEC wholly positive. Also the Aerospace sector must rethink to remain cost-effective and attractive. This opens up for his company new possibilities in new customer areas.  

 The manufacturer of tooling machines, isel Germany AG, has been a regular exhibitor in Euromold for several years, and know what to report: ”Euromold attracts a large amount of visitors from the engineering industry, which enables us to further deepen existing business relationships and make new contacts, particularly regarding technology partnerships.” 

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