About our Partner

SIXT is proud to be a partner of Novasol AS.

Today, the company has developed into Northern Europe's largest company for holiday rentals with 40.000 holiday rentals in 29 European countries. The new name of the company is NOVASOL and the company is a member of the Wyndham Vacation Rentals. NOVASOL has subsidiaries in a number of countries, several walk-in offices in popular holiday areas and hundreds of committed employees.

The difference between then and now is immense - but the essential principles and standards have been carried through and are under NOVASOL still the same and even after 40 years we still maintain the same 3 principles which have always characterized NOVASOL. This is quality, service and reliability.

Benefits for you

By booking through Novasol a vacation house you receive:

  • 10% discount on SIXT car rental rates.

With your booking confirmation from Novasol you'll reveice a corresponding link that brings you right to SIXT, where your discount will be redeemed.