Pickup truck rental

Pickup truck rental in Denver

Confidently get around the Mile High City in all weather conditions with a pickup truck rental in Denver from SIXT. With our convenient pick up at the Denver International Airport and downtown, we offer a fleet of premium vehicles that includes pickup trucks from top brands like Chevrolet, Jeep, Toyota and Dodge. And with seating for up to 5 passengers, our pickup truck models are a great choice for family vacations and business trips alike. Add extras like all-wheel drive and child seats to meet your needs. 

Our Most Popular Pick-Up Truck Categories

Toyota Tacoma

5-Seater Pick-up Truck | Toyota Tacoma or similar | PPAR

Toyota Tundra

5-Seater Pick-up Truck | Toyota Tundra or similar | PPAR

Jeep GLAdiator

5-Seater Pick-up Truck | Toyota Tacoma, Jeep GLAdiator or similar | PPAR

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

5-Seater Pick-up Truck | Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or similar | PPAR

Good to know when renting a pickup truck in Denver

Can I choose what type of pickup truck I will get?

We only guarantee that you get a vehicle in your chosen category, and not a specific model. However, you can choose your vehicle in the SIXT app 30 minutes before your reservation. 

Does a pickup truck rental come with four-wheel drive?

Not all the pickups in our fleet have four-wheel drive. You can choose to add guaranteed all-wheel drive to your rental. 

Can I drive a pickup truck with a regular license?

To rent a pickup truck in Denver, you need a standard valid driver’s license. 

What are the benefits of renting a pickup truck in Denver?

Room for passengers and cargo

Our pickup truck models have plenty of passenger and cargo space so you can haul luggage and bulky sports equipment if you are planning a ski vacation or hiking adventure. 

All-weather capabilities

The winter weather in Denver is no joke, but with a pickup truck you can get around city streets and highways easily.

Useful Perks

 Your pickup truck rental comes standard with unlimited miles, so you are free to explore the city and surrounding region as much as you want. 

Modern Features

Drive with all the latest technology and entertainment features, while also having ample passenger and cargo space. Who says you can’t have it all?

Explore Denver with your pickup truck rental

The city serves as an urban base for Rocky Mountain adventures, and a pickup truck rental in Denver is a great choice for whatever you have planned. Easily haul bikes or camping equipment in the summer, and skis and snowboards in the winter. Plus, with their higher clearance, a pickup is the perfect way to get around in the snow in the winter. Add an additional driver to share duties behind the wheel, and GPS so you navigate the city effortlessly.