Save on a 1-Month Car Rental

Take an extended trip or travel for work in style when you choose a 1-month car rental from SIXT. You can make big savings when you rent a car for a whole month as the daily price is significantly cheaper. It’s really quick and easy to book, either online or on the SIXT app, with a wide range of vehicles and a customer service team, which is always ready to help. Get a great deal on a rental for a month at any of our branches in the US and internationally.

Mercedes Benz C-Class

Jeep Renegade

Mercedes-Benz CLA


We offer a fleet of powerful sports cars, stylish sedans, dependable economy models and luxurious SUVs to meet every budget and desire. For month-long vacations or if you need a replacement car for a month you are able to add an additional driver to share the workload. All of our rental stations also have car seats for children available if you are traveling as a family.

What are the advantages of a renting for one month?

Benefits for individuals

  • Simple and fast booking process 
  • Great alternative to leasing
  • Choose your car in advance with the SIXT app
  • Change your vehicle at anytime
  • One-way rentals possible
  • Rent a car for up to 120 days

Benefits for corporate customers

  • Save up to 15% as a business customer
  • Designated Account Manager
  • 24/7, 365 Customer Care
  • Online Corporate Booking Portal
  • Flexible business terms
  • Easily settle cost as an operational expense

Why You Should Rent a Car for a Month

  • Cheaper rates: A car rental from SIXT for one month or longer will often have a cheaper daily rate than if you rented for multiple shorter periods of time.
  • Extended vacations: Drive to your dream destination in a new-model car or SUV. Finally take the road trip that you’ve always wanted.
  • Seasonal work: Have reliable transportation when you relocate for work or have an extended business trip.
  • Vehicle replacement: Getting around after an unfortunate accident or breakdown can be difficult. Book a 1-month car rental with SIXT and have a dependable set of wheels that is more reliable and flexible than public transportation or other forms of transport.

Can I rent a car for a month?

Yes, you can rent a car for a month! Simply select the dates you wish to book your car rental for in our booking form to see the different options and prices.

How expensive is it to rent a car for a month?

Renting a car for a month might be cheaper than you think. SIXT has some great deals on longer term rentals. If you rent a car for 4 weeks or more the price per week is just $79. Fill in our booking form with the station you wish to pick your car up from and the dates, and then you will be shown a list of cars on offer and their respective prices.

Can you lease a car for only one month?

It is possible to lease a car for one month but not with every leasing company. SIXT offers an alternative to leasing which is less hassle than negotiating a lease contract, especially for a relatively short period of time.