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SIXT Reservation Process

How can I book a vehicle rental?

You can make a reservation online or in the SIXT app .

What does the 4 letter code (e.g. ECAR) next to a vehicle mean? 

The 4-letter code you see next to the vehicle you choose is known as an ACRISS code  and is used as an industry standard in classifying rental vehicles by their size/specification. For more information please visit the ACRISS website.

How much is the deposit for my rental?

This deposit varies, and is based on the car category, cost of the rental, length of the rental and whether the reservation was booked as Prepaid or Pay Later. For more specific information, please refer to our Rental Guidelines here.

How many miles are included in my reservation?

When booking you can see the number of miles included with your reservation. Many bookings include unlimited mileage, although things like long-term rentals, sport and luxury vehicles, and limited-mileage reservations are excluded.

Can I rent a vehicle with someone else's card or in someone else's name?

No, at the time of booking, the driver's name must be provided along with the credit card used for payment. The name listed on the credit card being used must match the name on the primary driver's license.

What are the terms and conditions for renting a vehicle? 

To see our Terms and Conditions, please visit the SIXT Terms and Conditions page.

Is protection included in my reservation?

You can find information about the included protection in the Mileage and Protection step of booking your rental. You can also add your desired protection options in this step.

I was offered a quote. How long is it valid?

A quote should just be used as a guideline and is not binding until a reservation has been booked/confirmed.

Is the rate/total provided in my quote guaranteed?

No, because our quotes/rates/prices fluctuate throughout the day as prices are dependent on the availability of our fleet along with the demand of those vehicles.
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