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SIXT car rental protection in the US

Is protection included in my rental?

You can find information about included protection in the "Mileage & Protection" step of booking your rental car. In this step, it is also possible to add your desired protection options. 

Can I purchase protection when I rent?

SIXT offers many optional products that will provide benefits for different types of situations you might encounter, such as:
  • Personal Accident Coverage
  • Third-party liability protection
  • Roadside assistance
  • Loss Damage Waiver

What is Premium Protection? 

Premium Protection is a package that minimizes the financial responsibility for accidental damage to the rental car, and includes Supplemental Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Coverage and Roadside Assistance Protection. It provides peace of mind for your rental.  

Are additional drivers also protected?

To be protected, all additional drivers need to be added to the Rental Agreement (RA) to ensure they are not in violation of the rental agreement Terms and Conditions They must meet the age requirements of the booked car category in order to drive the rental. They will also benefit from any optional products and benefits purchased at SIXT if there are no violations to the rental agreement. A charge per day for every additional driver is applicable where allowed by law. The price for additional drivers varies depending on the state where the rental takes place and the length of the rental, so be sure to check the applicable charges for the location and dates.

What if I buy car rental coverage when I book through another party like expedia? 

Purchasing car rental damage protection through a third-party booking site may provide some level of protection from damage to a rental car. Many policies through other sources may not have $0 financial responsibility and may not be primary to your personal auto insurance. Please be sure to consider all the specific details if you want to rely on a product that is not offered by our company. 

Can I use my credit card coverage for damages to the rental car? 

Credit card auto rental coverage may provide some level of damage protection for the rental car. Many credit cards provide secondary coverage that will require you first to file a claim with your personal auto insurance. Also, credit card coverage may have limitations on the types of cars they could cover or the length of rental. Please be sure to consider all the specific details if you want to rely on a product that is not offered by our company.

Can I remove or add coverage during the rental?

SIXT coverage cannot be added after the rental agreement has been signed. Protection also cannot be removed once it's added to the rental agreement.
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