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Show Us Your German Music & Dance

Historically, German music has been associated with well known composers such as Beethoven and Mozart. However, in more recent history Germany has become a leader in electronic music. Read below to find out more fun facts about music and dance in Germany.

  • Famous German composer, Johann Sebastian Bach is said to have inspired popular bands such as The Beatles
  • Germany is the world's 3rd largest music market behind America and Japan
  • Considered the first real "ballroom" dance, the Waltz began with peasants in Germany eventually making its way into high society around the world. Initially deemed provocative in European courts during the 17th century because it required dance partners to be so close, the scandal only made the dance more fashionable.
  • Second only to the United States, hip-hop and rap music sales in Germany are the 2nd most in the world
  • There are 84 publicly funded Opera houses in Germany, accounting for 15% of the world's Opera houses

Now it's your chance to show off your German Music & Dance!

Show Us Your German Side!

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