Car Rental Booking Quotes and Rates in the US

When you are planning a vacation or business trip, or need a vehicle for another reason, it’s always good to know how much a car rental will cost ahead of time. We offer quotes via our online booking system or in the SIXT app that allows you to see your options and better plan ahead to fit your budget. Whether you have a question about our rates, what is included in our quotes, or what the difference is between paying at booking or at pick up, you can find the answer here. 

How can I obtain a reservation for a vehicle rental?

You can book a reservation online or by calling our Reservation Team at +1 (888) 749-8227.

What is included in the reservation price?

Unless otherwise stated, the rental quote/price displayed on the final page when booking online includes:

  • Daily rate
  • Statutory taxes
  • Additional extras (if selected)
  • All surcharges and fees (if applicable).

I was offered a quote, how long is it valid for?

A quote should just be used as a guideline and is not binding until a reservation has been booked/confirmed.

Can I be guaranteed a price after a quote has been given?

No, because our quotes/rates/prices fluctuate throughout the day as prices are dependent on the availability of our fleet along with the demand of those vehicles.

How often do the rates change?

Rates can fluctuate at any time. If you have a booked reservation, this price does not change unless you make changes to your booking.

Can the price of my rental change after my reservation booking has been confirmed?

The price of the rental can change if you add, agree and sign for any optional products at the time of your rental.It could also change if you return the car at a different date, time or location then specified at the time of reservation.

What is the AP Concession Recovery Fee?

This is a premium location surcharge that mostly applies to airport locations. This is charged because we must recover fees that are imposed on us by the airport authorities.

What is a pay later reservation?

A pay later reservation does not require full payment until the time of pick-up. These reservations tend to cost more then pre-paid reservations, but are more flexible and offer free cancellation and changes. For terms and conditions, please click here.

What is a prepaid reservation?

A pre-paid reservation requires full payment for your rental upon booking, regardless of whether you confirmed your booking: online (via our website), through a third party/ Agency (paid to the Agency) or with our Reservations team on the telephone. If you cancel a prepaid booking, a cancellation fee will apply and this fee could be up to the full cost of your rental. For terms and conditions, please click here.

Does my reservation guarantee me a specific vehicle?

Specialty car categories such as the Mustang GT will be guaranteed since they only contain one car model. Examples of other specialty car groups can be found here. When reserving non-specialty vehicles, you are reserving the car group and not a specific model. Examples of all vehicles groups can be found here.

I am making a reservation. What is my deposit?

A deposit is required at the time of pick-up for all rental vehicles. This deposit can vary based off the car category, cost of the rental, length of rental and additional add ons. For a more specific outline please visit our Rental Guidelines here.

How do I make a change to my reservation?

In order to make a change on your reservation, you will need the security code on your confirmation email. The security code is a range of letters and numbers located towards the bottom of your reservation confirmation. Once you locate this code, please follow this link to make changes to your reservation. If you notice a change in price, this is normal because pricing changes frequently and can vary based off the changes made. If you are unable to make the changes online, please contact us via mail [email protected].

What do I do if my flight has been delayed?

Vehicles will be held for 24 hours from the scheduled time of pick-up, for any delayed flights. When booking your reservation online or with an agent, include your airline and flight information. Providing us with your flight information allows us to serve you better.

Do you offer vehicles with adaptive driving devices for drivers with disabilities?

Yes! Sixt is committed to providing a range of adaptive driving devices for our customers with disabilities. Available adaptive driving devices include:

  • pedal extenders
  • left foot accelerators
  • left or right hand controls
  • and spinner knobs.

Such devices are available at no additional charge. While Sixt will make good faith efforts to satisfy requests for vehicles with adaptive driving devices as soon as reasonably practical, we may require an advance notice of up to three business days depending on the location of the branch where the vehicle is requested. For more information or to make a reservation for a vehicle with such devices, please call our Special Request Desk at +1 888 SIXT CAR (749-8227) or email us at [email protected].