Car Rental Booking Quotes and Rates in the US

When you are planning a vacation or business trip, or need a vehicle for another reason, it’s always good to know how much a car rental will cost ahead of time. We offer quotes via our online booking system or in the SIXT app that allows you to see your options and better plan ahead to fit your budget. Whether you have a question about our rates, what is included in our quotes, or what the difference is between paying at booking or at pick up, you can find the answer here. 

How can I obtain a quote for a vehicle rental?

You can get a quote instantly online or by calling our Reservation Team at +1 888 749 8227.

What is included in the quote/price?

Unless otherwise stated, the rental quote/price displayed on the final page when booking online includes:

  • Daily rate
  • Statutory taxes
  • Additional extras (if selected)
  • All surcharges and fees (if applicable)

How long is a quote valid for?

A quote should just be used as a guideline and is not binding until a reservation has been booked/confirmed.

Can I be guaranteed a price after a quote has been given?

No, because our quotes/rates/prices fluctuate throughout a day as prices are dependent on the availability of our fleet along with the demand of those vehicles.

How often do the rates change?

Rates can fluctuate at any time, but rates for booked reservations will not change unless the renter requests the booking be amended.

Can the price of my rental change after my reservation booking has been confirmed?

No, once you have a confirmed reservation the price will not change unless you, as the renter, have requested the booking to be amended.

Do I have to pay an airport surcharge?

Some Sixt locations are subject to a premium location surcharge, but this does not apply to all Sixt locations.

What is pay on arrival?

A pay-on-arrival reservation does not require full payment until the pickup of the rental vehicle. These reservations tend to cost more than paid in advance reservations. The benefit to pay-upon-arrival reservation is that these bookings are free of cancellation/amendment charges.

What is a prepaid reservation?

A pre-paid reservation requires full payment for your rental upon booking, regardless of whether you confirmed your booking: online (via our website), through a third party/ Agency (paid to the Agency) or with our Reservations team on the telephone. If you cancel a prepaid booking, a cancellation fee will apply and this could be up to the full cost of your rental.

What are the exact terms for pay on arrival reservation and a prepaid reservation?

These can be found in the rental information on our website.