When you rent a car from SIXT, one of the things you will consider is what protection options to choose. In most cases, protection is not included in the rental price in the US. Maybe you’re wondering about the difference between the types of protection offered or what is covered or would like to know how to deal with vehicle damages. In the unfortunate case that the rental car is damaged, visit our FAQ page on commercial claims.

Is protection included in my rental booking?

You can find information about the included protection in the second step Mileage & Protection while booking your rental vehicle. In this step, it is also possible to add your desired protection options.   

Can I purchase insurance when I rent?

SIXT offers many optional products that will provide benefits for different types of situations you might encounter. Details about the variety of protection options can be found here, and in the rental agreement terms and conditions that are provided when you rent.

What is Premium Protection?

Premium Protection is a package that minimizes the financial responsibility for accidental damage to the rental car, and includes Supplemental Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Roadside Assistance Protection. It provides peace of mind for your rental.  

What is a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)?

The Loss Damage Waiver reduces the financial responsibility for the rental vehicle for accidental damage or loss, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions in the Rental Information. 

Does the Loss Damage Waiver cover glass and tires?

Accidental damage to glass and tires is only included in the Loss Damage Waiver with minimum financial responsibility. Certain exclusions apply. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details. 

What is Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)?

Supplemental Liability Insurance is an optional product that provides the renter and authorized additional drivers with $1 million for third-party liability protection for bodily injury and/or property damage sustained as the result of an accident while operating the rental vehicle. 

What is the Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) option?

Personal Accident Insurance covers bodily injury to occupants of the rental vehicle. Benefits of this insurance are supplemental to any medical benefits the customer may already have and there are some exclusions.  

What is Roadside Assistance Protection?

Roadside Assistance Protection is optional and will provide assistance at no added cost for the following non-covered roadside emergencies such as replacement of lost keys or key fobs, key lockout service, flat tire service, jump-starts, and empty fuel tank issues. All of the services below may only be ordered by a direct claim with SIXT 24-hour Roadside Protection at our main US phone number +1 888 SIXT CAR (749 8227). 

Are second or additional drivers also protected?

To be protected, all additional drivers need to be added to the Rental Agreement (RA) to ensure they are not in violation of the rental agreement terms and conditions. They must qualify with the age requirements to drive the vehicle type rented and will benefit from any optional products and benefits purchased at SIXT as long as there are no violations to the rental agreement. A charge per day for every additional driver would be applicable where allowed by law. The prices for additional drivers vary per state and length of rental, so check the booking to identify the charge for the location and dates you are requesting. There is no charge for additional drivers in California but they should be listed on the rental agreement to be authorized to drive.

What happens if the vehicle is damaged during my rental period?

If a new damage is discovered on the vehicle, it will be noted when the vehicle is returned. Our Claims Department will investigate the damage claim and you will be charged the applicable cost of repair unless you purchased the Loss Damage Waiver and complied with the rental terms and conditions.

When will I be charged the cost of repair for damage to a vehicle?

Our Claims Department will contact you as soon as they can to advise you of the details.

Can I use my own auto insurance for the rental car?

Each policy is different, and it is best to contact your carrier to find out if there are exclusions and to ensure you are covered for the type of vehicle you are renting. It is also important that you consider what the cost would be out of pocket if you had damage and had to file a claim with your personal insurance. Your insurance carrier may be requested at the time of rental. 

What is loss of use?

Loss of use is a fee that occurs when damage to a rental car prevents SIXT from being able to rent out the car while repairs are being made.

Can I use my credit card coverage for damages to the rental car?

Credit card auto rental coverage provided by various credit cards may provide some level of damage protection for the rental car. Many credit cards provide secondary coverage which will require you first to file a claim with your personal auto insurance. Also, credit card coverage may have limitations on the types of cars they could cover or the length of rental. Please be sure to consider all the specific details if you want to rely on a product that is not offered by our company.

What if I buy car rental coverage when I book through another party like Expedia?

Purchasing car rental damage protection through a third-party booking site may provide some level of protection from damage to a rental car. Many policies through other sources may not have $0 financial responsibility and may not be primary to your personal auto insurance. Please be sure to consider all the specific details if you want to rely on a product that is not offered by our company.