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DriveNow is a premium car sharing service brought to you by Sixt, BMW and MINI. It is simple and easy to use, and guarantees you a quality vehicle for a flat rate fee.


1. Register with DriveNow online

2. Find a car online or via the app

3. Pick your car up with your DriveNow card and simply drive

4. Leave the car anywhere you want in the DriveNow zone


You can pay per the minute or select a longer package at a reduced rate. The cost of gas, insurances and everything else are included in your DriveNow rate so you don't need to worry about hidden costs. Even your parking could be included!

DriveNow - Drive it Now

The DriveNow car sharing service is not only the world’s most stylish, but also most flexible and spontaneous car sharing service. It is entirely location and booking free - cars have no fixed bay to return to, and can be dropped for free anywhere across the city zone. DriveNow’s unique ‘drop anywhere’ service makes it possible to use DriveNow for one-way trips – opening up a whole new range of uses for car-sharing.

Your Guide to the DriveNow Car Sharing Services

How does DriveNow work?

Where is DriveNow available?

Where can I drive with DriveNow?

Who is eligible for DriveNow?

How do I register for DriveNow?

How do I choose and reserve a DriveNow car?

What cars do I have access to with DriveNow and how can I access them?

Where can I park?

Where can I end my booking?

How much does DriveNow cost?

What is included in the price of DriveNow?

Must I / can I refuel?

Can I use DriveNow in different countries?

What do I do if something goes wrong or with me, the car or other DriveNow kit whilst using the service?