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Convertible Rental in Maui

Choose a convertible rental in Maui with SIXT for a premium service and to cruise Maui in a brand new model. Our beautifully designed convertibles are perfect for cruising in paradise, take the top down and feel the dreamy pacific breeze as you explore the island’s spectacular landscapes. Slim and sporty, our convertible rentals are ideally suited to Maui’s single lane road network and windy mountain roads. Take advantage of Maui’s scenic routes, pulling over to take a 360-degree view of the surroundings from the comfort of your rental vehicle. With SIXT, you can rest assured your rental vehicle will be from a world-class manufacturer such as Chevrolet and BMW, packed with all the latest driver assist systems and safety features.

Ford Mustang

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible or similar | STAR

BMW 4 Series

Mercedes C-Class Convertible or similar | LTAR

Buick Cascada

or similar | ITAR

Maui Convertible Rental with Sixt

Reserving a convertible rental Maui Airport with Sixt is a quick and easy process thanks to our fast and efficient online booking service. You can easily customize your convertible rental Maui online with our excellent optional add-ons to tailor your vehicle to your particular needs. In Maui, we have a large range of coverage options as well as practical mobility solutions such as additional drivers and GPS navigation systems. You can also choose in on our pick up full return low option for added convenience when returning your vehicle. Another advantage of choosing Sixt for a convertible car rental Maui is our flexible rental periods. Choose a one-day rental, week rental or long-term rental to suit almost any vacation.

Advantages of renting a convertible in Maui

  • Our convertible rentals in Maui are spacious with luxuriously designed interiors while many of our convertibles also have room for backseat passengers.
  • At SIXT, our brand new models such as the Ford Mustang come packed with fantastic features. Powerful engines, 6-speed manual transmission and the ability to choose between drive modes make for a dynamic and highly customizable rental experience.
  • Our convertible rentals are equipped with advanced safety features such as Glove Box Door Knee Integrated Airbags, an SOS Post-Crash Alert System and a Personal Safety System.

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