We regret to inform you that the Hollywood, FL station is now closed. We are constantly optimizing our locations to give you the best car rental experience possible. Please refer to our other Sixt Miami and Fort Lauderdale locations for booking.

Convertible Rental in Hollywood, Florida

Make sure you don't miss the fantastic Florida sun with a Sixt rental convertible! Treat yourself to a convertible rental and make your next vacation, road trip or business trip extra special. Cruise along the pristine beaches and coastlines of Florida in a top quality convertible rental.

Where to Drive a Convertible in Hollywood, FL

  • Enjoy a scenic drive in your Florida convertible to a nature lovers paradise at Anne Kolb Nature Center featuring kayaking and local wildlife.
  • Hollywood North Beach Park is ideal for a Hollywood convertible rental to check out the sea turtle hatchery and quiet sand dunes.
  • Drive up to Hard Rock Hollywood Casino in your premium convertible and feel like a celebrity. Here you can enjoy fantastic Vegas-style entertainment for a glamorous evening.

Hollywood Florida Car Rental Locations

Why rent a convertible from Sixt?

Feel the wind in your hair and smell the salt breeze coming from Hollywood's coast. Put the top down on your convertible rent a car to truly experience the wonderful Florida weather. With locations in over 100 countries and over 100 years in the business, we have the expertise and resources to give you the best convertible car rental in Hollywood, FL.