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Convertible Rental in California

Rent a convertible in California with SIXT to enjoy our premium service. We aim to bring you the best in aerodynamic design, features, and affordability by supplying you with top car brands such as the Ford Mustang alongside great convertible rental deals. California’s scenic Pacific Coast Highway and iconic cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are great to explore with a convertible’s comfortable seating, powerful engine, and stylish design. Drive with the top down across the most populous US state from Death Valley to Yosemite National Park. California’s diversity of cityscapes and national parks makes for an unforgettable rental road trip, and even more so with your sporty convertible, known for their fun and powerful performance.

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California Convertible Rental

Renting a convertible in California with Sixt couldn’t be easier with our fast and efficient online booking process. Make quick price comparisons and choose from a range of optional add-ons to customize your vehicle for your individual vacation needs. In California, we have a large range of extra protection options as well as practical add-ons like Sixt Connect Plus which provides you with Wi-Fi, GPS, and even national/international calls. You can also opt-in on our pick up full return low or additional driver options. Rent a convertible with Sixt in California and unlimited mileage will be inclusive, meaning you can really explore the whole state or go on a longer road trip across America. 

The Advantage of a Convertible in California

  • Our convertible rentals in California offer spacious seating and in many of our rentals you have room for backseat passengers along with your luggage.
  • Our brand-new models come with a range of luxury features such as keyless access and parking assistance. Our models have insulated roofs making a convertible rental suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Our premium convertibles such as the Ford Mustang GT have inbuilt safety features such as glove box door airbags, anti-lock brakes, and the SOS Post Crash Alert System. Our convertibles are also equipped with advanced security systems to help you feel assured when your car is unattended.

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