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Södertälje Car Rental

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  • Södertälje South Station

    Sixt rent a car
    Sydgatan 1
    151 38 Södertälje

    Mo. - Fr.08:30 - 16:00

    24 h pickup

    Available vehicle categories: Compact Cars & Sedans, Sports cars & convertibles, 4x4 / SUV, Truck

Car Rental with Sixt in Soedertaelje

If you travel to Sweden this year, and you find yourself needing a way to conveniently drive around, you'll discover that Sixt Car Rental in Soedertaelje is incredibly easy. That's because we make it easy to drive a car suited to your tastes. You'll find vehicles perfect for solitary travelers, and for those with large families. You can choose from a wide range of vehicle types including economy, SUV, Convertible, luxury car, and minivan models. With some rentals, certain services are available. These services include unlimited mileage, insurance, additional driver, the ability to add a baby seat, Sat Nav (GPS), and the ability for those under the age of 25 to rent a car. When you choose to go through Sixt, you'll have the freedom to drive anywhere you like in Soedertaelje, including Swedish cultural centers like the Torekällberget indoor/outdoor museum, or the Södertälje Gästhamn harbor.

Rent a Car in Soedertaelje and See the Sights!

A car rental in Soedertaelje gives travelers a sense of autonomy. Whether you are visiting family and friends or you are there as a tourist, there are many places to go, and there are many things to do. When you rent a car, you'll be able to discover amazing sites, such as the Tyllegarn estate, a late 16th century palace made for Count Carl Sture. You can also visit Soedertaelje's famous rose garden, or drive to a biodynamic market garden with greenhouses, shops, and outdoor cultivation. Soedertaelje, Sweden is now home to a wide variety of nationalities including native Swedish residents, and Eastern European, Assyrian, and Iraqi immigrants. Cultural influences from all of these groups can be felt throughout the city. A car rental from Sixt can help provide you with the freedom to enjoy a truly international experience!