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Cheongju Car Rental

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Car rental with Sixt in Cheongju, South Korea

A Sixt car hire in Cheongju is a great way to explore in and around this exciting city. Cars, vans and SUVs are available in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy for every travelling group to find exactly the right choice. All options are fully covered by a flexible collection of insurance schemes. These can make a trip to Cheongju a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Every driver can get their holiday off to the best start with a vehicle ready and waiting at Cheongju airport. Sixt can supply everything needed for the perfect time away.

Things to do and see in Cheongju with a Rent a car

People using a car rental from Sixt in Cheongju can experience everything the city has to offer. The ancient city is home to a wide variety of attractions to visit. Cheongju National Museum, for example, presents a great collection of culture and history from around the Cheongju area. The city's various restaurants and hotels are extremely welcoming to tourists and all feature a good quality of parking spaces. The pleasing countryside around Cheongju is also well connected to the motorway system of South Korea. Visitors using a car rental service will be able to enjoy the full range of features, including the impressive local mountain range of Uam. A Sixt rent a car deal can present all of these features in and around Cheongju to every driving group.