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Riyadh Car Rental

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Car Rental in Riyadh

If you need car rental in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, you can conveniently rent one from Sixt Rent a Car which has three offices in the city. The office at King Khaled International airport provides a convenient, cheap car hire service, where you can get a rental car as soon as you arrive in the city. The other offices are located at Makkah al Markarramah Road 11445 and at the Riyadh Radisson BLU Hotel on King Abdulaziz Road. The fleet consists of a wide range of vehicles including the Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Optra, Mercedes-Benz S 350 and GMC Suburban. The cars are very clean, well maintained and you have the option of booking your vehicle online and have it waiting for you upon arrival. You can also pick or return your car outside of the normal office hours upon request. Therefore if you are looking for a convenient and affordable car rental car in Riyadh, the process could not be easier.

Where to Visit When you Rent a Car in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Once you rent a car you can drive to the most beautiful attractions within and around the city easily. You can drive to the National Museum and learn about the history of Islam. The Masmak Fortress is also worth visiting in a car rental in Riyadh where you can learn about the history of Riyadh. The city has great golf courses and one can drive to the 18-holes course in Dirab Golf and Country club which is 30 minutes' drive west of Riyadh. People who rent a car in Riyadh can visit the numerous shopping malls such as the Al Faisaliah and Al Mamlaka. A visit to this city is not complete without visiting the Edge of the World. It is a spectacular escarpment located an hour and a half from the city. It is recommended that you use an off-road car to visit this place as the road is rough. Whenever you visit this beautiful city, be sure to contact Sixt for your rental car.


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