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Nampula Airport

Nampula Airport CAR RENTAL

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Aeroporto de Nampula, 11111 Nampula


opening hours

MO - SU:

07:00 - 19:00

Bank Holiday:

07:00 - 19:00

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sixt car rental in Nampula Airport

It is best to arrange car rental at Nampula airport in order to avoid last minute delays. Sixt car rental is affordable and they have a range of vehicles on offer such as SUVs, station wagons and convertibles. Hiring a car rental from Sixt will make traveling around the city of Nampula so much more easier.

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About Nampula Airport and car rental

The Nampula airport is based in the Northeastern part of Mozambique and the airport has 2 runways. The major airlines that fly to Mozambique are Kenya Airways and Air Mozambique. Rent a car at the airport to help you tour the city simply and conveniently.

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Best things to do in Nampula when you rent a car

Get into your car rental in Nampula and make your way to the Mozambique National Ethnographic Museum. Look out for the artifacts and carvings from the natives of Mozambique. You will even find local silver and gold smiths busy making bracelets and necklaces. After exploring the museum, you should get into your car rental and drive to Copacabana. This delightful and peaceful restaurant is where you can enjoy a wholesome meal, sip on a cappuccino or just enjoy the relaxing environment. It is a great place to relax, after a sightseeing adventure. The Nampula Iselberg Mountains is a beautiful sight to behold once you rent a car. These mountains have beautiful volcanic rock formations and if you rent a car and travel along the road from Nampula to Nacala, you will be able to get a glimpse of these gorgeous mountains. Nampula has much to offer. So once you have done a simple price comparison on car rental options and decided on either a cheap car or a city car, you can begin to explore all these wonderful places and more.