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  • Forlė Airport

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    Aeroporto L. Ridolfi, Arrival
    47100 Forli

    Mo. - Sa.08:00 - 19:30

    Available vehicle categories: Compact Cars & Sedans

Car Rental Forli in Italy

If you are looking to visit Forli town and want valuable traveling, Sixt Car Rental Forli in Italy has made renting a car in the city easier than never before, thanks to the smooth process and variety of cars available. From luxury SUVs, vans and convertibles, to rough-terrain vehicles, rent a car Forli has all types of car rental cars to ensure that the different travel needs of equally different clients are met fully and conveniently. To this end, the rental cars range from small ones with a capacity of two passengers to those that can accommodate up to 15 passengers. Also, whether you want a single car or a fleet of them, you have nothing to worry about. Rent a car Forli has professional drivers in case you require additional drivers too. The world-leading travel and rental car firm has a variety of deals to ensure convenience for the clients, including the provision of supplemental liability, personal accident and other appropriate insurance covers as suits particular customer needs. You can get your car waiting for you as you arrive in the city by arranging online.

Where to Visit with Car Rental Forli in the City

Although a small city in Italy, Forli is home to an array of tourist attractions that local and foreign visitors cannot resist. Use your Sixt car rental to drive to the Teatro Diego Fabbri which hosts performances all year round, ranging from exhibitions and concerts to plays and music. Or drive to a river in the city (River Montone) and enjoy the green, scenic view of the surrounding. You can also use your Rent a car Forli service to visit the eye-catching ancient cathedrals in the city, including the Church of the Intercession, Church of San Domenico, Cathedral of Forli, Church of the Carmine and the Basilica of San Mercuriale. You may also drive to enjoy the sight of other architectural marvels in the form of large, magnificent civic buildings and palaces, such as the Town Hall, Palazzo del Podesta, Palazzo De Paulucci Calboli and the Post Office. You can enjoy these amazing sites in the comfort of your car or leave your rental car for better views. Sixt Car Rental Forli looks forward to affording you high quality car rental in the city for your convenience.