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When planning a tourist trip, it can be a little difficult deciding on what to do. With the variety of attractions and historical sites, the German town of Nordhorn as a little something for everyone. Nordhorn is actually located along Germany's border with The Netherlands, and this Dutch influence today gives Nordhorn a different feel than most other historical German cities. The Nordhorn street system is actually built with the old town and the modern town side by side next to each other, with some patches spilling into each other. This fun chaotic mix of old and new can only be experienced by seeing the differences when you drive through the neighborhoods. The architecture in Nordhorn reflects the Dutch influence. Most buildings feature the ubiquitous red brick work which looks more like Holland than Saxony. A rental car drive to the famous Frenswegen Monastery shows the finest example of the Dutch style red brick work. 


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Why rent with Sixt?

Why rent with Sixt?
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