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Car Rental in Lower Saxony, Germany, with Sixt

If you're looking to rent a car in Lower Saxony, SIXT is the only name you need to know. With an impressive fleet of vehicles available including everything from luxury sedans and SUVs to sleek convertibles and compact economy models, you can easily find a car to suit your needs. With its high-quality and efficient road network, car rental in Lower Saxony is an enjoyable and practical way of making the most of your time in this region. The easy-to-use SIXT website helps save time by letting you book a range of extras including additional drivers, child seats or GPS at the same time that you make your booking, so that everything is ready and waiting when you get to Lower Saxony. With great deals available all year round and unlimited mileage, there has never been a better time to book car rental in Lower Saxony.


See the sights of Lower Saxony when you rent a car

The Lower Saxony region of Germany caters for a wide range of interests with beautiful medieval towns, beautiful beach resorts, stunning mountain ranges and bustling modern cities. When you rent a car in Lower Saxony you get to tour the region at your own pace, staying longer in the places you love and moving on quickly from those you feel less strongly about. Hanover, the state capital, is home to what is widely thought to be the best zoo in Europe while flower lovers will appreciate the magnificent blooms on display at the Great Garden of Herrenhausen. A short drive from Hanover takes you the village of Bodenwerder where you'll find the home of Baron Munchhausen, the legendary storyteller whose life later became the basis for a popular film. A two-hour road trip north takes you to Cuxhaven, one of the largest beach resorts in Germany, while heading west from the capital takes you to Oldenburg with its impressive castle.

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xinmin a.

Very straight forward renting experience. No hard selling however, Definitely need a car insurance be it buying from Sixt or other platforms because you know … it’s Iceland. Although we had to pay for a damage, we can claim from our own insurance. Thanks Mr Jerzy for guiding us how to claim.

Lori P.

Excellent service and vehicles! I will use them again upon my return to this beautiful country!


Me and my girlfriend went on a vacation to Iceland between 2nd and 12th of September. We rented a blu Dacia Duster. Over all, to make this short, we had a great experience renting, using and returning this gravel-road-friendly car. ♥ We did 3400km on roads and gravel roads. We got the car totaly dirty. We busted the licence plate a little, but at inspection they said it doesnt matter and the didnt charge anything for it. After few days after returning the car the wrote me a mail, that we crossed a tunel (which is true) and they were sent a bill for that (i think it was 2900ISK) that they charged us afterwards, which is only fair. So over all we were absolutly satisfied with their service and them being fair and informative. :)

Only issue was wright at the beginning when we were waiting for pick up at the arirport. We waited around an hour for pick up, which wasnt to much of an issue for us. But apart from this we were very very sattisfied with the car and overa all service :)

From my experience I would recommend using SixT and especialy 4x4 cars when in Iceland ;)

Emmanuel P.

When we were waiting in line to pick up our car, we were scared as we heard 2 Americans travelers being asked to pay an extra 400 Euros or maybe it was 800 Euros. They asked to speak to a manager and it seems he came up with a solution that they seemed happy about. My guest is that they though the limit was 400 miles and not 400 KM.


My experience was good. We booked for a Renault Capture or similar and we had a Corolla 2022 Hybrid. The car had 2 very light scratches that were already identified. They however didn't identify 2 light stains found on 2 seats.


They was not much preasure to upsell us to take the insurance. We did ended up taking the unlimited millage option which turned out to be useless as we drove 400 KM (I guess the preasure came from the story of these 2 travelers and a mistake in our planing).


On the return, they will carefully inspect the car, specially the windshield (which is the only thing we forgot to inspect on pickup).


I would return to this location again and I highly recommand a hybrid car. We had a fuel consumption of only 4.5L and we filled for only 20L which ended up coasting about 65$ CAD (about 3.25$ CAD /L). Don't be cheap and pay the extra for a hybrid.

Hugues M.

Thanks to the Sixt team and especially James!

We had a very good experience: process to take the car was smooth and diligent. James was very nice and gave us very good advice for our roadtrip. Their offer (rental of a Toyota CHR) was also very good, especially given the current high prices in Iceland.

Much appreciated team, thanks a lot.

Peter P.

very good advice from the agent, good deal to get an upgrade and a very smooth return with the premium service

Why rent with Sixt?

Why rent with Sixt?
  • New cars - on average 3 months old
  • Premium fleet of german cars
  • Car rental made quick and easy
  • Unlimited miles on standard vehicles
  • Free cancellation when you pay on arrival
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service

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