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Sixt car rental in Forchheim

When SIXT rent a car started in 1912, it had the vision to offer travelers the convenience to get around when they arrived at their destination. It is a vision that has been realized not only in Germany where the company started in Munich but all around the world in most major cities. Advance bookings are always advisable when travelling and SIXT facilitates this by making it possible for customers to go online on their computer or iPhone, browse through the options of cars available and make their booking. This way, the car will be made ready for a customer's arrival. Cars can be picked up and dropped off at any time of day or night at the car rental Forchheim stations. You can also conveniently cancel reservations and rebook online.


Places to go exploring when you rent a car in Forchheim

Forchheim is a big town in the region of Upper Franconia in the northern part of Bavaria. It serves as the administrative seat of Forchheim district. Forchheim is a former royal city and is thus also referred to as the Gateway to the Franconian Switzerland. Nature lovers who rent a car in Forchheim will be enamored with the Ehrenburg. This is a butte with two peaks that is located on the peripheries of the Franconian Jura in Bavaria. The northern peak of 513.9m is in Walberla while the south peak that rises to 531.7 m is in Rodenstein. Another spot for nature lovers is the Kellerwald. This is a low mountain range that rises up to 675m in the western area of north Hesse. This is where Germany's largest contiguous beech woodland is. This is also where the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is. It is Hesse's one and only national park. History lovers can easily get from one historical site to another with their car rental in Forchheim. These include the 14th century Kaiserpfalz which was the Prince Bishop's palace, the 12th century Marienkapelle or chapel, the Martinskirhe or churches of the 12th to 15th centuries and the 17th century old mill or Kammerersm├╝hle that is now a wine bar.