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Erfurt Car Rental
Location Details
Address: Binderslebener Landstr. 100
  99092 Erfurt DE +49-1806-252525
Location: airport
GDS - Code: ERF
SIXT #: 4910
Opening Hours
Mo. - Fr.08:00 - 18:00
 24 h pickup
24 h return

Welcome to Erfurt-Weimar Airport Sixt rent a car

  • Car rental at the branch Erfurt-Weimar Airport
  • Car rental at the branch Erfurt-Weimar Airport

Sixt Car Rental in Erfurt-Weimar Airport, France

It is essential to find a reliable car rental service when you fly into Erfurt Airport west of the city center. Since the airport is based out of the city, a car rental is needed to quickly and effortlessly drive to the city. The Sixt Car Rental service in Erfurt-Weimar is great way to get a great price on a cheap car rental. The Rent a Car service is dependable and has a range of vehicles such as station wagons, vans, sports cars, convertibles, SUV and economy cars. The location also offers a 24 hour rental return to make the whole process more convenient for travelers looking for car rental deals in Erfurt. By utilizing making a price comparison and getting a cheap car services from Sixt, visitors find themselves saving time and money on rental cars at the airport.

Erfurt-Weimar Airport in Erfurt

Erfurt-Weimar Airport (ERF) is the smallest international airport in Germany and serves about 300,000 passengers annually. The Erfurt airport is located 5 km outside the city. The airport has 2 terminals where you will be able to fly into from all over the world. The rent a car is located very near all 2 terminals making it easy to get a Rent a Car service no matter what terminal you fly into.

Wonderful Attractions at Erfurt with Sixt

Quite a number of people travel to Erfurt annually for pleasure and the city has many attractions because it is a historic and pilgrimage destination. Attractions include the Catholic Cathedral, the Church of St. Severus, the monumental, the bridge known as Kramerbrucke, St Augustine's Monastery, Anger Main Square and Petersberg Citadel. When you rent a car at the airport, movement becomes quite easy. This is why most people prefer a car rental for a road trip in Thüringen State in France. Having a city car makes the scheduling a simple matter and travelers are able to move at their own leisure and view more of the city. It is easy to find a car rental and Erfurt airport is the ideal place to pick one. The vehicle rental service will only be glad to give you the keys at Erfurt Weimar Airport.

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Location details

Opening Hours

Mo. - Fr.08:00 - 18:00

Contacts / Lost & Found

SIXT # Erfurt-Weimar Airport ERF Binderslebener Landstr. 100 99092 Erfurt 50.974711, 10.963701 +49-1806-252525 +49-1806-2229304910

SIXT # Erfurt-Weimar Airport ERF

Binderslebener Landstr. 100
99092 Erfurt
Phone no. +49-1806-252525 *
Fax +49-1806-2229304910 *
* 0.20 ¤/call from german landline network, 0.60 ¤/call from german mobile network

Location plan - how to find us

By public transport:

Tram: With tram Line 4, reaching directly of the central station.

By taxi:

Approximately 15 minutes from Erfurt Train station

By car:

Access roads signposted "Erfurt-Flughafen" (Erfurt Airport) from the North via the B4; from the South via the B4 and A71; from the East via the B7 and B4;from the West via the A4 until Erfurter Kreuz, then proceed on A71

Sixt branch:

Sixt branch is located in Terminal A, Flight details are mandatory

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Outside open hours - pick-up & return

Out of hour pickup possible.

Pick-up out of opening hours is possible for an additional charge. Please provide your address and credit card details, e-mail address, flight and mobile number.

Out of hour return possible.

Keybox available at the counter

Categories and services at this location

  • Compact Cars & Sedans
  • 24 h pickup
  • 24 h return