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Sörvagur Car Rental
Location Details
Address: Airport
  380 Sörvagur FO +45-32-481100
Location: Airport
GDS - Code: FAE
SIXT #: 8662
Opening Hours
Mo. - Fr.09:00 - 17:00
 24 h return

Welcome to Vágar Airport Sixt rent a car

Sixt Car Rental in Vagar Airport, Soervagur, Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are easily explored by Car Rental and when flying into Vagar Airport - the only airport located on the island of Soervagur. Sixt provide a Car Rental service directly from the airport, including sedan, station wagon and minivan rental with 24 hour drop off service. If you want to Rent a Car Sixt offers price comparison between vehicles, enabling you to choose a cheap car for your needs, from a city car to a minivan.

Vagar Airport, Soervagur, Faroe Islands

Vagar Airport, located near the village of Soervagur is the island's only airport and is a great way to arrive in the Faroe Islands. The airport was built during WWII and offers flights across Europe. Sixt Car Rental from Soervagur airport is located right at the terminal, providing a fast easy way to start your road trip. To best explore Soervagur, you will need to Rent a Car as many of the sights are remote and the terrain is steep. The other islands can be reached via car ferry services with your Car Rental.

Exploring Soervagur and the Faroe Islands

With Car Rental, you can easily explore all the nooks and crannies of the island. Boat excursions leave Soervagur to explore the coast and the islands are well known for Bird Watching and fresh seafood. You can Rent a Car and enjoy the scenery - it's so beautiful it might be nice to share the driving and add additional drivers to your Car Rental. The region hosts many music festivals during the summer that take place in venues steeped in history such as churches, the best way to get there is to Rent a Car.

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Location Details

Opening Hours

Mo. - Fr.09:00 - 17:00

Contacts / Lost & Found

SIXT # Vágar Airport FAE Airport 380 Sörvagur 62.063611, -7.276944 +45-32-481100

SIXT # Vágar Airport FAE

380 Sörvagur
Phone +45-32-481100

Outside open hours - pick-up & return

Out of hour pickup possible.

Pick-up out of opening hours is possible for an additional charge. This service is bookable on request. Please provide credit card, e-mail address and mobile number.

Out of hour return possible.

Key Box available in front of the office.

Categories and Services

  • Compact Cars & Sedans
  • 24 h return