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Sarajevo Car Rental

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  • Sarajevo International Airport
    Kurta Schorka 36
    71210 Sarajevo

    Mo. - Su.08:00 - 20:00
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  • Sarajevo International Airport

    Sixt rent a car
    Kurta Schorka 36
    71210 Sarajevo

    Mo. - Su.08:00 - 20:00

    Available vehicle categories: Compact Cars & Sedans, 4x4 / SUV

Car Rental Options in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

If youre looking to visit Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will want a car rental in order to drive between the two and see all there is to see. You can find many styles of cars to fit your needs as well as to accommodate all of the passengers and luggage that you will be taking along with you. Regardless of whether your budget allows for compact cars or SUVs, you will be able to benefit from a car hire with Sixt.

You can take a drive to many places throughout Sarajevo and Herzegovina when you have a Sixt rental car. This includes visiting the historical open bazaar of Bascarsija, Vrelo Bosna to access parks and hiking trails, the Jewish Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Old Town, the Sarajevo War Tunnel and much more.
In many instances, you will find tours to take you to these locations. Often, however, they are done early in the morning, which may not be conducive to your schedule. Additionally, you cannot stay at these locations for as long as youd perhaps like to. This is not the way you want to spend your time in these areas and ultimately why a car hire is an option to consider.

Sixt rental cars are becoming popular in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina simply because tourists want more options

You get access to many services when you check out car rentals from Sixt.
-One of the first is that you get a quality vehicle to drive around town in on your schedule. You can hit the sites that are of interest to you day or night without anyone telling you that you cant.
-Second is that you have roadside assistance and third is that you may be able to drive a better vehicle than you do on a regular basis. Public transportation is not very strong in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which means you will be ultimately limited to where you can go. If you want to visit particular sites, you cannot rely on someone else to take you there. With a Sixt car rental, you are in charge of where you go and when, which can provide you with a significant amount of freedom.

If you want a car rental, its important to know about features available to you. Not only can you get an automatic transmission but you may be able to get other luxury features including navigation, a sunroof, a premium sound system and much more.